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Featured South Pasadenan, Tracy Macrrum

PHOTO: Derek Vaughan |

There are many very special people in South Pasadena. We have the delight to be able to live in Los Angeles while also living in a small town with small town life. We go to football games on Friday, we care about School Board Elections. We all show up to the Arts Crawl, Eclectic and Farmers Markets. Among all these exceptional people we at the would like to take the time to bring some of these amazing citizens to light, and today just one of them: Tracy Macrum.

Self Defense for adult and young women is beyond important especially given the tumultuous climate that we live in. ‘Me Esteem’ is Tracy’s self-defense course that she started after a conversation that she and her neighbor had.

PHOTO: Derek Vaughan |

“While at San Francisco State, I took a couple self-defense classes,” she said when asked on how Me Esteem started, “I also wrote a speech in my public speaking class on how to avoid being a victim. In 2004, I was talking with my neighbor on Stratford Ave about self-defense, and she said her daughters were very nervous about the subject. Her daughters were the first group I did my presentation for.”

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PHOTO: Derek Vaughan |

To be able to reach out to those in your community in need of help is a wonderful thing to do, something that I think we can lose in the mentality of Los Angeles living.

As a music lover Tracy has connected with Brad Colerick’s Wine and Song, a concert series that takes place every Wednesday night at the Blue Guitar at Arroyo Seco Golf Course.

“My mother was somewhat of a hippy, pre-yuppie. She had music on all the time and would drag me and my brother along to local music events when we were kids. It became a big part of my life from then on. I connected with Wine & Song a while ago, but especially since it moved to the golf course. It’s my comfort zone, it always makes me happy and often moves me to tears.”

PHOTO: Derek Vaughan |
PHOTO: Derek Vaughan |

Tracy is also a sales professional at Keller Williams Pasadena International Market Center. “The subject of real estate is fascinating and there are so many areas to become an expert in. I also love connecting people and things. South Pasadena has many beautiful buildings that not only give the city part of it’s much beloved personality, but also offer a sense of being in Los Angeles while still maintaining an anywhere USA feel.” Tracy is currently helping with a property in Pasadena at 1504 South Marengo. The beautiful Shingle Style home has 6 bedrooms, 7 baths and was built in 1894. “Los Robles Park,” as it was once known. It is a perfect example of how beautiful even our surrounding areas can be.

Lead by example.  Believe in Community.  Be kind to your neighbors.  Do your best to help those around you who may not have the same advantages you do.  Tracy does all these things and it’s so amazing to be able to find people to look to that can make us better people.

PHOTO: Derek Vaughan |


  1. Tracy did a self defense class for our Girl Scout troop many moons ago! The moms were skeptical but let’s face it, our kids know so much more than we knew at that age! It was a fun self defense class and I highly recommend it to others.

    Hugs to you, Tracy!