Todd Brown’s Legacy | Remembering an Exceptional Family Man

Todd Brown, the husband, father and longtime South Pasadena Middle School teacher, passed away on October 15. Todd fought brain cancer with the same philosophy, drive and conviction that he practiced in his life with his family, friends, colleagues and students.

PHOTO: Provided by the Brown Family | News | Todd Brown with his family, wife Jennifer and kids Kristoff and Noel, on vacation in Hawaii

By Tracy Macrum 

Todd’s loved ones, wife Jennifer and kids Kristoff and Noel, wish most for everyone to remember Mr. Brown and how he lived, with his positive spirit and his values of love, acceptance and hard work. Those were constants in his life which he imparted on those he touched.

The things Todd loved were a reflection of him, his family, so close knit; they all loved deeply and were inspired by each other. They were very content being together. Monday night dinners were made more fun by reviewing the day’s jokes, a tradition in Mr Brown’s class, three jokes every Monday. Family trips were something the family loved to do. It went without saying that Todd would make the plans and take care of all of the details.

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PHOTO: Provided by the Brown Family | News | Todd Brown meeting Kobe Bryant in San Diego at the Kobe Bryant Basketball Academy camp

Todd and Noel worked together to get the Tigerettes cheering at the middle school games. Then when she moved on to the high school Todd decided to do morning practice since he had to drop her off to cheer practice at 6am. It’s a testament to Mr Brown that his football and basketball players agreed to the early morning practice. Kristoff has followed in his Dad’s footsteps in many ways, one as coach for the South Pasadena Middle School football team. “Love the sport and be respectful.” Todd would say to Kristoff.

Todd had a deep passion for sports, he even taught a Fantasy Football class in summer school. He had a symmetrical collection of basketball shoes and jerseys that filled his closet, and a room full of sports memorabilia. His favorite teams were the Los Angeles Chargers, Lakers, Dodgers and the Kansas Jayhawks (college basketball). He was a Chargers season ticket holder, a gift from his family, and attended every South Pasadena High School football game. In 2017, he ran a Kobe Bryant Basketball Academy camp In San Diego, a dream come true for Todd Brown.

PHOTO: Provided by the Brown Family | News | Todd Brown with his family, wife Jennifer and kids Kristoff and Noel, on a hovercraft excursion in Florida

Throughout his life, Todd was a firm believer and practiced the Mamba Mentality, the approach and steps used by Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers, to prepare mentally and physically to excel at his game. Todd went at things 110% and inspired his family, friends and students to do the same.

The family encompasses the values of sports that Todd headed. They all enjoyed and played sports. Together they learned from each other how to lift people up. Together they instilled that Mamba Mentality in others. They all then shared this with their own teammates, and classmates. Those students and teammates shared it with their families and classmates. His mentality was infectious. Coach Todd Brown will always be the G.O.A.T of South Pasadena Middle School.

The family is still processing and will soon announce a celebration of life in honor of Todd.