Thefts Up 20% Says Police Department | Know the Patterns

In 2019, there was a 21% increase in shoplifts, followed by auto burglaries, according to the South Pasadena Police Department

FILE PHOTO: Eric Fabbro | News | South Pasadena Police Department

South Pasadena Police officials report a 21% increase in shoplifts in 2019.

Thefts of vehicle parts, according to Crime Prevention Officer Richard Lee, specifically catalytic converters, license plates and car batteries were the most popular parts stolen from vehicles.

Lee noted that bicycle, package and thefts from unlocked vehicles also continued to be high.

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“Most thefts are a crime of opportunity and can be prevented,” he explained. “An unlocked bicycle, parcel package on the front porch, or an unlocked vehicle are all invitations for a theft. Many victims left wallets and other valuables in their vehicles.”

A thieve walking up and down the street can lead to crime. “The thief will simply walk down the street pulling on vehicle door handles in hopes of finding an unlocked door,” said Lee. “Once inside the vehicle, the thief can gain access to the trunk of the car.”

Once the thief made entry into the car and took the wallet, Lee said the thief would immediately use the victim’s credit card to make unauthorized purchases.