The Moo on Mission Gone | After Two Years

Just after two years, the coffee shop that replaced Buster’s, a longtime iconic fixture in the community at Mission Street and Meridian Avenue next to the South Pasadena Metro Station, has vacated the property

PHOTO: Bill Glazier | | After two years in business, the Moo Creamery on Mission has shut its doors as of last month

The Moo on Mission, which replaced Buster’s Ice Cream and Coffee Stop about two-and-a half-years ago, has vacated the property.

Karen Klemens, who took over the Buster’s business in May 2016, left a note on the door of the eatery at the corner of Mission Street and Meridian Avenue, next to the Gold Line light rail tracks across from the South Pasadena Metro Station.

“It is with heavy hearts that my family and I announce the closing of The Moo on Mission in South Pasadena,” Klemens wrote. “We have made a decision to focus full attention on our family and our flagship store, Mother Moo Creamery in Sierra Madre.”

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The South Pasadena location closed on Sunday November 25.

The Buster’s owners sold the store following a 30-year run, opting for retirement. It was known for its nightly musical sounds, art openings, a weekend morning hangout for cyclists, and all-around funky feel for hipsters and grandparents alike. It was a place you could count on for a scoop of ice cream to cool you down, a muffin or sandwich to fulfill your appetite and, especially, for a darn good cup of coffee anytime of the day.

Inside the darkened, abandoned store today lies equipment, tables, chairs and unlit neon signs, most notably the one reading “Root Beer.”

In her message taped to the store’s window, Klemens wished The Moo on Mission employees well. “We are especially grateful to our wonderful team who over the years have become or family,” she wrote. “They are kind, driven, funny, thoughtful and hard-working. We cannot thank every one of our friends and supporters enough. We sincerely hope to see you all in Sierra Madre at Mother Moo Creamery.”

Klemens added in her farewell message: “We have nothing but wonderful memories in South Pasadena.”