The Immersive Odyssey of “Matter of Time” at Lineage

PHOTO: Lineage Performing Arts Center | South Pasadenan News | Marco Tacondong, Teya Wolvington and Caterina Mercante in "Matter of Time" at Lineage.

Anyone remember progressive dinners? I don’t know where it started, but in the eighties there was a time when it was a trendy thing to have these dinners where you would start at one home with the appetizers and drinks, then move on to the next home for the main meal and then on to another home for dessert. I was reminded of that feeling as I experienced “Matter of Time” at Lineage this weekend, only instead of different meal courses, each new venue was discovering a decade. We went from the 50’s and worked our way, room by room, through the 90’s. If you had a wristband, you started in the 90’s and worked your way back and the two groups merged to experience the 70’s all together. It’s a journey that is both a kick in the pants party and an emotionally visceral dive into our collective and individual experiences of the past.

PHOTO: Sophie Sogomian | South Pasadenan News | Audience members peruse the historical exhibit of “Matter of Time” at Lineage Performing Arts Center.

Director Hillary Thomas has created an immersive odyssey, highlighting profound moments in our history – those moments where everyone remembers exactly where they were when they heard the news. For my mother, it’s always the news of President Kennedy’s death. For me, it was watching the Challenger Space Shuttle launch that exploded on live television in 1986. And due to it being my childhood, along with an appearance by Mister Rogers, I openly wept through the entirety of the 70’s room.

PHOTO: Sophie Sogomian | South Pasadenan News | Paul Siemens as Mister Rogers in “Matter of Time” on stage at Lineage Performing Arts Center.

As audience members, we get the opportunity to explore the nooks and crannies of the new Lineage theatre space that we usually don’t get to see like the backstage area where the actors prepare and the dance studio where they rehearse and where dance classes are held. The lobby has been transformed into a dance space complete with a giant 1950’s television set and the hallway has become a psychedelic walk through the tumult and free-spirited emotions of the 60’s with performers singing songs from “Hair” on the catwalks above.

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PHOTO: Sophie Sogomian | South Pasadenan News | Actor and historian Angie Vaughn in “Matter of Time”

Thomas says she lives in “nostalgia-land” and she certainly takes us with her on this time-warp journey. The entire cast is fantastic featuring the sultry vocal stylings of Amber Wright and dynamic powerhouse singing of Jana Nakoa. Will Bellaimey and Angie Vaughn elucidate the proceedings with their insights into the historically pivotal moments. Austin Roy brings a suave heartthrob vibe to his scenes while Marco Tacandong is riveting with his precision. The dancers and actors are phenomenal including Keila Fisher, Elizabeth Gracen, Diana Leon, Molly Mattel, Caterina Mercante, Ericalynn Priolo, Jana Souza, Teya Wolvington, and Meghann Zenor. Led by Thomas, they embody the essence of each decades’ particular joy and sorrow. Lineage favorite, Paul Siemens, is a spot-on Mister Rogers. You could feel the collective energy of the room saying, “oh can we please go back to when Mister Rogers was our neighbor?”

PHOTO: Sophie Sogomian | South Pasadenan News | Will Bellaimey leads audience members through their memories of the 90’s in “Matter of Time” at Lineage Performing Arts Center.

Part history lesson, part nostalgia tripping, part dance party, and all around fun, “Matter of Time” takes you on a journey, both collectively and individually. The interactive nature of it – a strong suit of Lineage productions in general – makes for a unique experience. So, head on over to Lineage this weekend for a literal walk back through time. Oh, and there’s wine! And bring a tissue.

PHOTO: Sophie Sogomian | South Pasadenan News | The cast of “Matter of Time” at Lineage Performing Arts Center

“Matter of Time” runs through March 16th, and tickets range from $25-40, and teens are able to see the show for $5 with a free membership to TeenTix LA ( for more information).

The Lineage Performing Arts Center is fully ADA accessible. Guests with mobility aids can expect to encounter gentle ramps throughout the space.

The Lineage Performing Arts Center has over 200 free on-site parking spaces. Masks are required inside the building at all times. Due to some difficult subject matter, parental guidance is suggested. The performance runs two hours with an intermission.

Lineage Performing Arts Center, 920 E. Mountain St., Pasadena, CA 91104. For tickets, map and directions visit