Stay-at-Home Order Extended to MAY 15

The initial order was to end by April 19 but on Friday, Los Angeles County health officials extended it in light of more that 8,400 coronavirus cases reporting positive to COVID-19

PHOTO: Eric Fabbro | News | Mission St. in South Pasadena during lunch rush in the wake of the state and county's new coronavirus safety measures

Los Angeles County on Friday, April 10, extended its stay-at-home and closure of many businesses to May 15.

The initial order was set to expire April 19 and comes at a time when more than 8,400 people in the county have tested positive for novel coronavirus.

The extension for closures includes beaches parks and trails in the county. County health officials are suggesting that residents not leave their homes for groceries, medications and recommending deliveries be made when possible.

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Health officials in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and New York have all indicated that stay-at-home orders in those states and closures of nonessential businesses could be in place through May or into June.

California, New York and Washington state are among the states hardest hit by COVID-19, but “Safer at Home” measures suggest that social-distancing and other efforts have helped to slow down and flatten the curve.

With so many staying inside, individuals admitted to hospitals for the virus has somewhat slowed, say health experts.

Essential businesses, as part of the order, must provide employees with cloth-face coverings, required when working. Workplaces must also post guidelines about social distancing requirements, according to public health officials. In addition, the order requires anyone entering an essential business to wear a cloth face covering to keep themselves and others safe.

Social distancing is the best defense against the virus, insist health officials, as all residents are instructed to abide by the current measures mandated by the state.