SPUSD Special School Board Meeting | Saturday Aug 8, 2PM

Special Virtual Board of Education Meeting at 2 PM. Public comments deadline is 11am via email.

Questions about how the South Pasadena Unified School District School Board arrived at their current school year plan has sparked concerns, debate, and now a special board meeting.  SPUSD leadership intends to ensure that all involved have the opportunity to be heard and plans carefully considered to arrive at what is hoped to be the best possible instructional situation for our students and parents.

This special meeting is in response to South Pasadena teachers’ (TASP) concerns about lack of consideration of their COVID19 virtual instruction & scheduling recommendations.  A letter to the public from TASP can be seen HERE.

A response letter with detailed questions about the TASP plan was created by a group of parents and was published HERE.

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To view the meeting online: CLICK HERE 

Public comments per SPUSD notice: Deadline 11am Saturday

Public Comments must be received by 11:00 a.m. on August 8, 2020, to ensure adequate time to compile. Public Comment portion of the email is limited to 250 words. Please make sure to indicate:

1. your name
2. the agenda item for which you are submitting public comment, or if it is a general public comment; and/or
3. if you would like your public comment to be read at the meeting.

If you would like to make a public comment, members of the public may submit their comments in writing by emailing them to: publiccomment@spusd.net

Published SPUSD Special Meeting Agenda (simplified version)

1.01 Call to Order – The Board Meeting will be livestreamed at http://spusd.granicus.com/ViewPublisher.php?view_id=2
1.02 Roll Call
1.03 Pledge of Allegiance
1.04 Opportunity for Public Comment
2.01 TASP Proposed 2020-21 Instructional Models – TASP Representatives
3.01 2020-2021 Secondary Instructional Model
3.02 2020-2021 Elementary Instructional Model
5.01 Items on Agenda/Public Access to Agenda Packets

Teacher presentations to the school board to include, but limited to:
Andrew McGough, SPHS Math Department Chair
Ben Ku, SPHS Science
Casey Shotwell, SPHS English & ASB, TASP Negotiations Chair
Denise Gill, SPHS English
Diana Olivarez, SPMS Counseling
Elizabeth Pierson, SPHS Science
Estela Morales, SPMS ELA, TASP President
Eva Muniz, SPMS Science, WEBB Co-Cordinator
Garrett Shorr, SPHS Computer Science
Howard Crawford, SPHS Band & Orchestra, VAPA Department Chair
Kim England, SPMS SpEd
Lindsay Bruce, SPMS Social Studies
Rama Kadri, SPHS English, Peer Mediators Advisor
Sandra Jarrous, SPMS Counseling