SPPD Weekly Crime Summary | October 18 – 24 , 2022

FILE PHOTO: Eric Fabbro | SouthPasadenan.com News | South Pasadena Police Department

(Hundred block given in place of exact address)

The Weekly Crime Summary is a list of reported auto thefts, burglaries, robberies and other activities occurring in the City of South Pasadena. An alert and well-informed citizen makes you less of a target to a criminal. Remember: call the South Pasadena Police Department to report any suspicious activity.


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• 10-19-22, 3 PM to 10-20-22, 2 PM, 900 Block of Meridian (storage shed). Suspect(s) cuts and removes lock to gain entry. LOSS: Electrical cords, spider box, trashcans, dollies and electrical testers.

• 10-20-22, 12:45 PM to 6 PM. 1100 block of Huntington. Suspect(s) gains entry into victim’s residence by unknown means and takes loss. LOSS: Jewelry and cash.


• 10-22-22, 5:30 AM to 10-24-22, 11:47 AM, 300 Block of Camino Verde. Suspect(s) takes loss from victim’s front porch. LOSS: Parcel package.

• 10-20-22, 4 PM to 10-24-22, 8 AM, 1100 block of Brent. ’00, Honda Accord. Suspect(s) cut and remove loss from victim’s vehicle. LOSS: Catalytic converter.

• 10-21-22, 12:54 PM, 900 block of Fair Oaks (Bank of America). Victim leaves bank and enters vehicle. S1 quickly approaches and tells victim that he dropped some money on the ground. Victim exits vehicle and looks under vehicle as S2 enters victim’s vehicle and grabs loss. LOSS: Fanny pack. SUSPECTS DESCRIPTION: S1Male, Hispanic, 20 years, 5’6″, 150, wearing unknown color hat and clothing. S2Male, Hispanic, 30 years, 170, wearing an unknown color hat and clothing.

• 10-20-22, 4:50 PM to 10-21-22, 7:30 AM, 600 block of Stoney (City Yard). Ford F150. Suspect(s) climbs over perimeter fence, cuts, and removes loss from city vehicle. LOSS: Catalytic converter.

• 9-13-22, 8 AM to 9-18-22, 6 PM, 1000 block of Orange Grove. Suspect(s) enter victim’s rear yard and takes unlocked loss. LOSS: Bicycle.

• 10-19-22, 7:25 PM, 1000 block of Fair Oaks (Vons). Suspects enter store and takes loss, then leaves store without paying for loss. LOSS: Soap and deodorant (recovered). SUSPECTS ARRESTED: S1Female, Black, 18 years, Gardena. S2Female, Black, 19 years, Hawthorne. S3Female, Black, 27 years, Los Angeles.

• 10-18-22, 6:54 PM, 1200 block of Fair Oaks (Pavilions). Suspect takes loss and leaves store without paying for loss. LOSS: Shampoo. SUSPECT DESCRIPTION: Male, White, 45 years, wearing a white and black bandana, glasses, blue shirt and blue jeans.

• 10-15-22, 4 PM to 10-16-22, 8 AM, 2000 block of Milan. ’02, Chevy Astrovan. Suspect(s) enters victim’s unlocked vehicle and takes loss. LOSS: License plates.


10-21-22, 1:44 AM, Fremont/Mission. Officer contacts subject and subject is found to be in possession of a controlled substance and possession of paraphernalia. SUSPECT ARRESTED: Male, Hispanic, 35 years, Los Angeles.


10-21-22, 2:20 PM, 900 block of Bank. Suspect trespasses on victim’s property.


10-24-22, 2:30 PM, 300 block of Monterey. Suspect enters carport and ignites a broom. Resident sees fire and extinguishes with a fire extinguisher. Surveillance video captures suspect committing the crime and officers locate the suspect a few blocks away. SUSPECT ARRESTED: Male, Black, 30 years, San Diego.


• 10-24-22, 11 AM, 1300 block of Fair Oaks. Officers respond to a subject that is intoxicated. Officers arrive and locate suspect who is intoxicated and unable to care for himself. SUSPECT ARRESTED: Male, Hispanic, 40 years, Los Angeles.

• 10-18-22, midnight, 1800 block of Ramona. Officers respond to a subject stumbling in the street. Officers locate suspect who is found to be intoxicated and unable to care for himself. SUSPECT ARRESTED: Male, White, 26 years, Rosemead.


10-22-22, 4:25 AM, 300 block of Garfield. Suspect car’s exhaust is loud and disturbs victim’s peace. SUSPECT ARRESTED: Male, Black, 23 years, South Pasadena.


10-22-22, 2 AM, Arroyo Verde/York. Suspect runs out of gas and stops in the middle of the road. Suspect is contacted and is found to be driving under the influence of alcohol. SUSPECT ARRESTED: Male, 25 years, Pasadena.


Non-injury Traffic Collision

• 10-24-22, 2:30 PM, 600 block of Fair Oaks.

• 10-23-22, 6:18 PM, Oxley/Fair Oaks.

• 10-20-22, 1 PM, Fremont/Concord.

• 10-20-22, 6:50 AM, 1700 block of Meridian, hit-and-run