SPPD Weekly Crime Summary | June 14 – 20, 2022

FILE PHOTO: Eric Fabbro | SouthPasadenan.com News | South Pasadena Police Department

(Hundred block given in place of exact address)

The Weekly Crime Summary is a list of reported auto thefts, burglaries, robberies and other activities occurring in the City of South Pasadena. An alert and well-informed citizen makes you less of a target to a criminal. Remember: call the South Pasadena Police Department to report any suspicious activity.


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• 6-15-22, 2:00 PM to 2:13 PM, 600 block of Fair Oaks. ’21 BMW 228i. Suspects smash the rear passenger side window of victim’s vehicle and take loss. LOSS: Backpack, earphones, shoes, purse.

• 6-15-22, 5:13 AM, 600 block of Milan. ’16 Toyota Sienna. Suspect enters victim’s unlocked vehicle and takes loss. SUSPECT DESCRIPTION: Male, slim build, wearing dark clothing. LOSS: Clothing, miscellaneous paperwork.

• 6-14-22, 8:00 PM to 6-15-22, 7:00 AM, 800 block of Milan. MercedesBenz C300. Suspect(s) take loss from victim’s unlocked vehicle. LOSS: Sunglasses, U.S. currency.

6-14-22, 10:00 PM to 6-15-22, 9:01 AM, 1900 block of Mission. ’17 Land Rover Discovery. Suspect enters victim’s unlocked vehicle and takes loss. SUSPECT DESCRIPTION: Male, Black, 30 years, wearing olive black pants. LOSS: Sunglasses.

• 6-15-22, 10:06 AM, 900 block of Fair Oaks (Rite Aid). Suspect takes loss from store and leaves without paying. SUSPECT DESCRIPTION: Male, Black, 40s, wearing a green hat, green shirt, green pants. LOSS: Cosmetics.

• 6-15-22, 12:00 AM to 11:20 AM, 800 block of Montrose. ’17 Volvo XC90. Suspect ransacks victim’s vehicle. LOSS: None. • 6-15-22, 5:20 PM, 1000 block of Mission. Suspect takes victim’s unattended loss. SUSPECT DESCRIPTION: Female, Hispanic or Black, heavyset, 20 – 30 years, wearing a black bucket hat, black t-shirt, black or dark gray pants, white shoes. LOSS: Bicycle.

• 6-15-22, 2:00 PM to 6-17-22, 2:00 PM, 1200 block of Meridian. Suspect(s) take loss from victim’s mailbox. LOSS: Mail.

• 6-17-22, 3:46 PM, 1100 block of Fair Oaks (Vons). Suspects take loss and leave store without paying. SUSPECT DESCRIPTION: S1Female, Black, 20 years, wearing a white jacket, blue jeans. S2Female, Black, 20 years, wearing a white shirt, black shorts. SUSPECT VEHICLE DESCRIPTION: Black Toyota Corolla. LOSS: Shampoo, medicine.

• 6-3-22, 3:00 AM to 3:05 AM, 2000 block of Marengo. ’06 Lexus RX330. Suspect(s) cut and remove loss from victim’s vehicle. LOSS: Catalytic converter.

• 6-5-22, 3:27 AM to 6:00 AM, 600 block of Camino Cerrado. ’13 BMW 535. Suspect(s) enter victim’s unlocked vehicle and take loss. LOSS: Sunglasses, bag.

• 6-20-22, 6:30 PM to 7:15 PM, 1400 block of Huntington (Grocery Outlet). Suspect takes loss and leaves store without paying. SUSPECT ARRESTED: Female, Black, 24 years. LOSS: Groceries.


• 6-16-22, 7:15 PM, Mission/Meridian. Suspect gets into an argument and pushes victim.

• 6-20-22, 11:52 AM, 700 block of Fair Oaks. Suspect approaches victim and punches victim in the chest. SUSPECT DESCRIPTION: Male, White, 40 years, wearing a black t-shirt.


6-9-22, 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM. Suspect sends an email to victim and claims to be a LifeLock representative. The email states that victim’s subscription had been automatically renewed. Victim responds to email and states that there was a mistake and asks for a refund. Suspect sends victim a form to fill out. Suspect later claims that the form was filled out incorrectly and victim was reimbursed with an excessive amount of money. Suspect instructs victim to send the difference in the form of gift cards. Victim complies and provides the gift card codes to suspect. Suspect claims that the payment did not go through and further instructs victim to purchase more gift cards. Victim eventually realizes that suspect’s email address is fraudulent.


• 6-1-22, 12:00 AM to 6-15-22, 4:06 PM. Suspect(s) use victim’s information and opens multiple unauthorized accounts.

• 6-1-22, 12:00 AM to 6-12-22, 11:59 PM. Suspect(s) use victim’s information and makes several unauthorized withdrawals.


6-18-22, 8:29 PM, Fair Oaks/Oak. Suspect brandishes a firearm at victim. SUSPECT DESCRIPTION: Male, White, 40 years, wearing a black shirt, black pants.


• 6-14-22, 8:00 AM to 6-15-22, 7:40 AM, 2100 block of Huntington. ’99 Honda CRV. Recovered by LAPD Hollenbeck on 6-15-22.

• 6-17-22, 6:30 AM to 12:50 PM, 1300 block of Fair Oaks. ’08 Mini Cooper.


• 6-14-22, 10:00 AM to 6:15 PM, 700 block of Fair Oaks. ’22 Kia EV6. Suspect(s) shatter the rear window of victim’s vehicle.

• 6-15-22, 10:00 PM to 6-16-22, 6:29 PM, 1000 – 1100 block of Mission. Suspect(s) rip and damage posters.

• 6-14-22, 8:15 AM, 900 block of Bank. Suspect trespasses onto victim’s property and turns off victim’s electricity. Suspect then disassembles victim’s fence. Suspect and victim are neighbors.


Injury Traffic Collision

• 6-14-22, 3:10 PM, Marengo/Oxley.

• 6-15-22, 8:54 PM, Arroyo Verde/Pasadena.

• 6-16-22, 8:04 PM, Fremont/Rollin.

• 6-20-22, 2:54 PM, 1600 block of Huntington.

• 6-20-22, 4:54 PM, Fremont/Alhambra.

Non-injury Traffic Collision

• 6-14-22, 1:02 PM, 600 block of Fair Oaks.

• 6-14-22, 8:04 PM, 1900 block of Fremont.

• 6-16-22, 6:30 PM, 1500 block of Hope. Hit and run.

• 6-19-22, 8:59 PM, 1100 block of Fremont.

• 6-19-22, 10:01 PM, Monterey/Fair Oaks.