SPPD Crime Bulletin | Suspects Wanted for Grand Theft by Trickery

FILE PHOTO: Eric Fabbro | SouthPasadenan.com News | South Pasadena Police Department

On 2-22-23 and 3-1-23, there were two thefts by trickery that occurred. In both incidents, the suspects drove up and spoke to the female victim. S1 either asks for directions or wants to give the victim a gift claiming it is their custom to do so for special occasions. S1 offers to give victim jewelry or money and hugs the victim (or holds victim’s hands) at which point S1 will remove jewelry from the victim. S2 (driver) did not speak to the victims and S1 spoke with a Middle-Eastern accent.

Recently, there have been similar incidents occurring in Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley.

Any information, please contact Detectives at 626-403-7280

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  1. About a week ago, at Vons parking lot, I had a white BMW approach me and offer to fix some scratches on my car. Both middle eastern – one older than the other. Thing is… my car is new. I just said no. He wanted to get off and come to me but I repeated no. Then they left quickly.