SPHS “Metamorphoses” Places Top 3 High School Shows in LA County

South Pasadena High School will perform an excerpt of "Metamorphoses" at California Educational Theatre Association's SceneFest on January 19 after placing in top 3 for LA County

PHOTO: Shari Correll | South Pasadena News | The cast of Metamorphoses at South Pasadena High School

After a sold-out, critically acclaimed run, the California Educational Theatre Association (CETA) announced that South Pasadena High School Drama Department’s production of “Metamorphoses” placed in the top three in Los Angeles County and the top seven in Southern California during their annual Fall Play Festival. Throughout October and December, CETA adjudicates Fall productions throughout the Southern California Region and the announcement was made December 10. Director Nick Hoffa tells us, “It is not a mistake or luck that this cast and crew was recognized. From the first rehearsal they treated the material and each other seriously. They worked really hard. It was the most prepared group of actors and crew in all of the productions since I’ve been at SPHS.”

PHOTO: Shari Correll | South Pasadena News | L-R Karenna Senske, Tabitha Okitsu, Matisse Rocca and Kayla Nielsen in Metamorphoses at South Pasadena High School

The honor means that they will now be challenged with deciding which ten minute portion of the show they will perform at CETA’s Southern High School Theatre Festival which takes place over the MLK weekend in January at Fullerton Union High School. The weekend offers a variety of opportunities including workshops led by professionals in the industry. The three-day Festival will showcase four Main Stage plays and eight 10-minutes scenes from the top placing schools for the Festival’s SceneFest.

PHOTO: Shari Correll | South Pasadena News | The cast of Metamorphoses at South Pasadena High School

If you saw “Metamorphoses” you know that there was a fantastic pool of water, created by James Jontz and the production team, which the actors incorporated into every scene. Hoffa says that they of course will not be able to re-create the pool and they are currently deciding which scene will be most effective without the water. Explains Hoffa, “this should be a great learning opportunity as well as a chance for the cast to strut their stuff one more time. I am so incredibly proud of their hard work. We may not be the biggest department in the world but we placed ahead even of some performing arts schools, which only inspires us to keep on working hard and making good and meaningful art.”

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PHOTO: Shari Correll | South Pasadena News | Linus Woods as King Midas in Metamorphoses at South Pasadena High School

Doing “Metamorphoses” was another bold and challenging choice for this growing department, but this accolade is simply further indication that it was worth it. Says Hoffa, “I think this is a great step for the drama program. We have had lots of good moments, but for these students to see that their work can be comparable with some of the bigger schools, the arts schools, and the schools with really good theatre reputations is terrific. I hope it sets a higher bar for the future. One I know they can reach, not in terms of winning but in terms of creating better and better stories.”

Congratulations to the cast and crew of “Metamorphoses” and break a leg at SceneFest 2020!

PHOTO: Shari Correll | South Pasadena News | Christian Villasenor in Metamorphoses at South Pasadena High School