SPHS Dance Company Wows with ‘Circus’

Circus Opener Dancers: Grace Privett-Mendoza, Alyssa Muniz, Claire Kucera, Isabella Recendez, Rose Mc Cullough, Elaine Wang, Tabitha Okitsu

Last Thursday and Friday evening, SPHS Dance presented their spring concert, Circus, in the main auditorium. A raucous and appreciative crowd enjoyed dancing cards, hoops, balloons, lion tamers, mimes, sword swallowers, snake charmers and more all lead by the effervescent Jackson Monical as the ringmaster. The show was directed by Courtney Cheyne and produced by both Ms. Cheyne and Maria Del Bagno. The program has seen tremendous growth in the past few years both in their numbers as well as the innovation of their popular shows. Circus was a wild success. Bravo!