SPCC Free Bingo: Eat Shop Enjoy South Pasadena | SUNDAY

Sunday April 11th from 7 to 8:30 (second bingo event!)

FEATURING: Marz & Videotheque!

This is a FREE virtual event hosted by SPCC and the Chamber. Participants will need to Register with an email address so we can email them 2 free bingo cards to participate. All prizes are worth a minimum of $25 and are purchased by SPCC directly from the featured businesses. Bingo Participants can win amazing prizes and $25 gift cards just by playing for free! Bingo cards can be printed up or played on any smart device.

Bingo and Eat!

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FEATURING: KJ Korean Tofu N BBQ & Twoheys!

For anyone interested in directly supporting a local restaurant, each featured restaurant will have 2 meal choices for $15 per meal.

For $15, participants will receive the meal of their choice PLUS 2 additional bingo cards which doubles the chance of winning bingo PLUS you will be entered into a drawing to win 1 of 4 gift cards worth $50 each from one of the featured restaurants. You can directly support a restaurant just by purchasing a delicious meal to enjoy with bingo.

Register Here!
Click that link to Register for Free Bingo, and for those interested in supporting a featured restaurant, you can also purchase and choose your $15 meal there.

On behalf of SPCC and the Chamber of Commerce, we truly appreciate all of our local organizations and clubs sending this information out to their membership in support of local South Pasadena small businesses. Together we can show them that we are here to support them and keep our community an amazing place to live and visit.