South Pasadena Unified School District Employee Recognition Celebration

PHOTO: Alisa Hayashida | South Pasadena News | South Pasadena Unified Teachers and Staff being honored at the new district building.

Teachers, staff and school district leaders gathered at the new SPUSD building on Tuesday, May 31, to honor and thank this year’s Teachers of the Year and recognize retirees as well as those celebrating significant years with the district. Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, Linda Junge, Ed.D., officiated the event with each school principal presenting their Teacher of the Year.

PHOTO: Alisa Hayashida | South Pasadena News | Popular math teacher at SPHS, Dean McCoy, retires. He was honored by SPMS Principal Cheryl Busick.

Sarit Swanborn was awarded Teacher of the Year at Marengo Elementary School as well as SPUSD Teacher of the Year. Nicole Farmarco received the honor for Arroyo Vista Elementary, Jack Hall was honored at Monterey Hills Elementary, Danielle Loo was honored at SPMS and Elizabeth Pierson was named for SPHS. Jennifer Detterich & Maryann Nielsen were named Teachers of the Year for Oneonta School.

PHOTO: Alisa Hayashida | South Pasadena News | Teacher of the Year at Monterey Hills, Jack Hall, being presented by Principal Dr. Laurie Narro.

The following were honored for their years of service:

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45 years: Raul Pinedo

30 years: Steven Reyes, Helena Yee

25 years: Amy Barker, Kathleen Ellis, Guadalupe Garcia, Denise Gill, Laura Ishibashi

20 years: Kim Boone-Nakase, Nicole Farmarco, Catherine Mason, Leslie Matsunaga,
Christopher Mills, Karen Owens, Virginia Pinedo, Sherman Smith, Janet
Wichman, Adriana Wiedermann

15 years: David Baughman, Rebecca Bertolina, Lindsay Bruce, Nancy Castillo-
Montoya, Katy Chen, Michelle Curry, Sara De La Vega, Debbie Ferris, Richard
Fiedler, Lisa Greenhouse, Jeanne King, Kristen Kunishima-Kato, Gigi Leung, Nan
Ng, Valerie Omine, Annalee Pearson, Natasha Prime, Denise Romano-Tanaka,
David Santiago-Speck, Kim Soto, Laura Vaden, Vonny Widjaja, Xochitl Zavala,

10 years: Melissa Aguirre, Richard Archer, Rozanna Baranets, Dawn Bishop,
Bernadette Chavez, Ashley Clark, Adam Coronel, Maricela Fuentes Lopez, Lynn
Haines, Eric Hilger, Ada Ho, Trang Huynh, Sandra Jarrous, Jennifer Lau, Dennis
LeFevre, Jerry Lew, Tiffany Lewis, Bryant Lopez, Jill Lopez, Jennifer Luna, Chris
Mannal, Marina Miranda, Laurie Narro, Harry Olson, Brianna Ring, Garrett Shorr,
Benjamin Solis, Rania Shanny, Oliver Valcorza, Chelsea Webb, Allyson Wong

5 years: Allison Anderson, Rudy Bojorquez, Whitney Bruen-Azat, April Chang, Emily
Fang-Umanzor, Naficeh Eftekhari, Anthony Felix, Judith Hernandez-Zamudio,
Rama Kadri, Erin Kanner, Ada Kiang, Liane Marciel, Myracris Maracine, Alexander,
McCoy, Norma Ocegueda, Raul Ocegueda Jr., Natalie Wielenga, Kimberly Woo.

The following retirees were honored: Kim Boone-Nakase, Michelle Curry, Dean McCoy, Karen Owens & Suzie Wong.

South Pasadenans thank all our dedicated teachers and staff for all they do for our students and for their years of service to our community!