South Pasadena Rotary Club Raises $14,000 for Local Restaurants

The local organization managed to raise money for over 10 restaurants in town

FILE PHOTO: Eric Fabbro | News | 4th of July Parade, Festival of Balloons 2019. South Pasadena Rotary Club

The Rotary Club and Foundation of South Pasadena has concluded a three-month online fundraising campaign that raised $14,000 for local restaurants who were affected by mandated safety measures due to COVID-19.

“We could not have raised this much support for these amazing restaurants without the community coming together, without our neighbors pitching in and without a generous donation from WISPPA.” Rotary Club President Reda Beebe said. “These grants helped these owners keep their shop doors open through unprecedented times and will make sure they survive to continue to provide South Pasadena’s diverse flavors.”

The final list of grantees includes Berry Opera, Cookies & Crème, Cos & Pi, Communal, Golden China, Griffins, Heirloom, KJ Korean Tofu and BBQ, Lost Parrot Cafe, Mike & Anne’s, SeñorFish, Shiro, TeaMorrow and Two Kids Coffee.

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“The Rotary Club will continue to do all that we can to make sure that this community and the hard-working people in it can stick together through anything,” said Beebe. “We never know what else life may throw at us, but together we can lift each other up, stand together and thrive.”

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