South Pasadena Resident Leslie Saeta Releases First Book: “A Home to Share”

She describes it as ‘a guide to giving new life to underused spaces, and to bringing cozy, truly livable decor to every room of the house.’

With images of her own home throughout, showcasing unique design features of the kitchen, dining, living and family rooms, along with outdoor spaces, even featuring the interior of a carefully crafted carriage house, Leslie Saeta says her first book – “A Home to Share” – is all “about the spirit of welcome” for those who mean the most to her.

“I feel like my whole life has led up to the writing of this book,” she said. “The things that I hold dearest – my family, our friends, entertaining, decor, and crafts are included. It’s about creating gatherings throughout your home.”

She describes the book as “a guide to giving new life to underused spaces, and to bringing cozy, truly livable decor to every room of the house.”

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Her passion of home décor, entertaining, remodeling, crafts and cooking are on full display.

Touching further on the book’s contents, one chapter focuses on some of her favorite decorating and entertaining DIYs, as in Do It Yourself projects.

Saeta lives in the South Pasadena home, built in 1915, with her husband, Dave, who grew up in it as a child. It has been in his family since 1969 as the couple purchased it from Dave’s parents and raised all three of their boys at the site.

The place has been remodeled several times over the years, initial work done on the family room, kitchen, a pair of downstairs bathrooms and the patio outdoors. That was followed by a revamped master bedroom, two baths upstairs and the addition of a pool and finished by adding an outside kitchen and making improvements to the Carriage House.

PHOTO: Leslie Saeta | Photo from A Home to Share

They also own a beach house along the Ventura coast and purchased a home in Waco, Texas, giving it a major makeover while making it a short-term rental.

Longtime active community members, Dave is a former mayor in town, serving many years on the local City Council. All three boys – Andrew, Matthew and Michael – attended Pasadena Poly, where they excelled in athletics, later performing at the collegiate level in swimming, baseball and volleyball, respectively.

Leslie has been a marketing executive, event planner, artist, and most recently blogger/influencer. She blogs daily about entertaining remodel projects, home décor and more. Busy with a wide variety of projects, she is also a well-respected award-winning abstract artist who paints her creative works using a palette knife.

With her many talents, she has walked her success into becoming an entrepreneur on many fronts. “My earliest memories are of creating crafts and decorations for holidays,” she said, looking back on how it all began.

Saeta has perfected crochet, macramé, quilting, stained glass, knitting, embroidery, decoupage, glass bead and jewelry making. She also makes colorful paper flowers.

A party celebrating the release of “A Home to Share” is slated for September 27 at the Saeta home. About 250 attendees are expected at the sold out event and will be treated to appetizers, beverages and a tour of the residence.

A book tour will take place soon after the release party, with initial stops in Michigan and Texas.

A “Home to Share” is available for $40 at local booksellers and online retailers.

PHOTO: Leslie Saeta | Photo from A Home to Share