South Pasadena Homes | Derek Vaughan

PHOTO: Esteban Lopez | South Homes | Derek Vaughan of South Pasadena Homes

In a busy real estate market in highly desirable communities such as South Pasadena, having a savvy local real estate agent is crucial.  Having an agent that is a local homeowner and property investor is unique.

We interviewed Derek Vaughan of South Pasadena Homes and discovered just such an agent.

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“My family moved to South Pasadena 22 years ago and I have been investing in local real estate and the local community since then,” says Vaughan. “I started as a successful investor, and then found that my skills were in demand for families selling or buying homes.”

Mr. Vaughan’s background gives him the perspective necessary to really connect with home buyers and sellers, and his success is proven – not just in successful transactions, but with the happy clients he caters to.

In addition to being an award-winning realtor, he holds undergraduate degrees from The Indiana University School of Music and Purdue University, as well as an MBA from Vanderbilt University. He also worked as a Digital Marketing Manager with The Walt Disney
Company prior to becoming a real estate agent.

What makes Vaughan an exceptional agent is his familiarity with the area. “Having lived
in the community for decades gives me a unique perspective on transacting in South

Just a few weeks ago some new clients came to me looking for a home in South Pasadena. They were from out of the area and wanted to relocate here for the great schools. We were able to get them into an “off market” property below the asking price. Their offer was accepted and they will close on the house in a few weeks. It’s that kind of super heated market right now where being creative about locating properties becomes valuable.”

Mr. Vaughan also assures us the best relationships with clients don’t end when the sale
closes. “I am most gratified when a buyer or seller becomes a friend as a result of
working together. My goals are to truly put my clients first and exceed their expectations of what a fantastic real estate relationship looks like.”

Outside of real estate, you can find Vaughan serving as a board member of the Oneonta
Club, supporting Vecinos of South Pasadena, and volunteering at the South Pasadena
Farmers Market and Union Station Homeless Services.

Derek Vaughan can be reached via his website at: