South Pasadena High School End of the Year Open House

Families of SPHS high school students walked the campus Tuesday exploring classrooms full of exciting projects from in depth, 20 minute long movies, to dioramas, paintings, math calculations, business models, maps, woodworking and beautiful pieces of art.

One parent remarked, “I can’t get over the level of talent at our school.” Parents waited patiently in lines to meet with teachers to thank them for all the work they do each and every day. For parents of freshman, it marks the end of their first year as they’ve begun to feel more and more a part of the high school. For sophomore and juniors, another year down on their high school journey.

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For parents of seniors, it’s a bittersweet time as they prepare for graduation and send their kids off to college. Open House provides a nice moment to take in the work and appreciate all of the people from the administrators to the staff, counselors and teachers who have brought them to this moment.