South Pasadena City Council Appointment | Stephen Rossi’s Application Submitted

PHOTO: Stephen Rossi | News | South Pasadena District 2 Seat Appointment Application Submitted

In an email received late Thursday evening by The South Pasadenan, Financial expert Stephen Rossi announced his application and intention to fill the now empty City Council seat that represents district 2.

Of note in the application packet emailed to Chief City Clerk Maria Ayala, is the list of 300 South Pasadena resident supporters of Rossi’s decision to apply. 152 on the list are recorded from district 2.  Also included are testimonials of support from Sheila Tully, Scott Moe, and Ed Donnelly.

The support letter to the decision makers stated:

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“As residents of District 2 in South Pasadena, we the undersigned support and endorse Stephen Rossi to be our Interim Council Member. We are very concerned about the city’s financial irregularities that have come to light. These issues need to be addressed immediately by financial professionals and cannot wait until November. We trust Steve Rossi and know his professional expertise is urgently needed on the Council at this time. Steve’s qualifications make him uniquely suited to take on this extremely important responsibility.”

While it is not required to submit signatures of support for the Council seat appointment consideration, Rossi wanted to send a clear message to the decision makers at the city that he is well supported, and his intentions for the Council Seat are transparent.

Stephen Rossi aims to clean-up the finance problems, or at the very least, set the finance department on the right track.

The appointment term is a mere 77 days from September 16 to December 2; then the appointment will be filled by the newly elected district 2 councilmember as of December 2, 2020.

As of the time of this report, no other applicants were known to The South Pasadenan.

The first question on the application is “Occupational Experience”.

Rossi’s answer: “I have spent my entire 23+ year career conducting financial and legal diligence on companies. I started my career as a field examiner for Bank of America, where I audited clients’ books and records for performance, accuracy, and even potential fraud.”

He feels his appointment would be helpful to a troubled City Finance department.

Stephen Rossi’s application cover letter included his extensive financial experience and stated:

“Extensive Professional Financial Expertise focused on Capital Structuring, Business Diligence, Performance Analysis, and Operational Leadership.”   

“Steve earned his M.B.A. from the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University. As Managing Director and Head of Capital Markets for a prominent private equity advisory firm, Steve has over 20 years of experience specializing in corporate finance, providing debt and equity capital structuring and negotiations, business diligence and performance analysis, and operational leadership to companies in a variety of sectors.”

South Pas Dad, Coach, and Volunteer…
“As a South Pas resident for 13 years, Steve has coached YMCA Basketball, Volleyball, and Soccer. He has actively participated in AYSO and Cub Scouts, and he volunteered for Parti Gras, Colorfest, and Fun Fair. He also shared his fun side as a performer in “Fathers Follies” and “Singing Dads, Dancing Dads”

The deadline to file is Friday August 28 at 3:00pm.