South Pas ROCKS!

SPMS students create Kindness Rock Gardens

PHOTO: Suzanne Smiley | Simple, kind requests |

Suzanne Smiley is teaching a rock painting class through SPEF at SPMS this summer entitled South Pas Rocks! The students are painting rocks and creating “Kindness Rock Gardens” around town. The rocks feature beautiful designs and inspirational words and sayings.

PHOTO: Suzanne Smiley | Children displaying their panted rocks by the Metro Goldline Station in South Pasadena |

The group has already placed rocks at The Healing Garden in Garfield Park and last week they visited the Ironworks Museum to set up a second garden there. Smiley says she was inspired by a larger nationwide campaign called The Kindness Rocks Project whose mission is to inspire others through randomly placed rocks along the way and to recruit every person who stumbles upon it to join in the pursuit of inspiring others through random acts of kindness.

PHOTO: Suzanne Smiley | Many uplifting messages painted with care |

The South Pas students are tagging their rocks with #southpasrocks and #thekindnessrocksproject. Smiley has also encouraged the students to leave a couple of their painted rocks around town or while away on vacation for someone to stumble upon and hopefully brighten their day!

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We encourage South Pasadenans to spread the word that these lovely rocks are meant to live in these gardens to serve as inspiration to all and to please not remove them.

Thank you to Suzanne Smiley and the students of South Pas Rocks for inspiring us all!

You can learn more about the nationwide campaign at

PHOTO: Suzanne Smiley | Many uplifting messages painted with care |