Singer Songwriter Maria Taylor visits the cast of “Middletown”

PHOTO: Nick Hoffa | South Pasadenan News | Singer Songwriter Maria Taylor with the cast and crew of “Middletown” at South Pasadena High School

The cast and crew of the South Pasadena High School fall play, “Middletown”, got an unexpected and exciting visit from Maria Taylor at their Saturday matinee performance on November 12. Taylor’s music was used exclusively as the soundtrack for the play and the cast and crew fell in love with her music during the rehearsal process. Director Nick Hoffa was in search of a soundscape for the play and while listening to spotify, he heard the familiar strains of Taylor’s music – he had listened to her several years earlier and suddenly knew it would be the perfect music for the show. He had also read that Taylor was a South Pasadena resident, raising a family here, so that was also an added bonus to the show which is about life in a small town. Cast and crew all say that her music infused their work and filled them with emotion. Listening to Taylor’s music during the show, one could feel why. Taylor surprised the cast by attending the Saturday matinee unannounced. “ I was SO, SO moved by it – WOW!” said Taylor. She says that before seeing the play she hadn’t realized just how much of her music was going to be in it. “I was blown away by how amazing these actors were and by the writing and direction – just every single aspect. It was such an honor to be such a part of it all. I had tears streaming through most of the play and again when I met these incredible kids afterwards.” She went on to thank all the actors and crew saying, “it was great to meet you all!”