Senate Transportation Hearing

Assemblymember Holden presented on an amended version of 533 (710 legislation)

PHOTO: South Pasadenan | Assembly member Chris Holden passes legislation to test drinking water for lead poisoning

Alhambra Testimony – 2:47:33

Metro Testimony – 2:49:08

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Pasadena Testimony – 2:50:20

Senator Ben Allen’s Comments – 2:52:45 and 2:56:34

Senator Jim Beall’s Comments – 2:57:40

This was the amended language he presented on:

SECTION 1. Section 622 of the Streets and Highways Code is amended to read:

622. (a) Route 710 is from Route 1 to Route 210 in Pasadena.

(b) This section shall remain in effect only until the SR 710 North Project Final Environmental Impact Report is certified, and as of that date is repealed.

SEC. 2. Section 622 is added to the Streets and Highways Code, to read:

622. (a) Route 710 is from Route 1 to Route 10 in Alhambra.

(b) Any property acquired as a right of way by the state for the former segment of Route 710 located between Route 10 and Route 210 except for property subject to disposal pursuant to Article 8.5 (commencing with Section 54235) of Chapter 5 of Part 1 of Division 2 of the Government Code shall be deemed vacated for public travel and access purposes and transferred to the underlying municipal jurisdiction in which the property is located at no cost upon the request of the municipal jurisdiction.

(c) This section shall become operative when the SR 710 North Project Final Environmental Impact Report is certified.