Start the School Year Strong | Hodis Learning & Music Tutoring Has You Covered

Save 20% off your first 2 sessions with Hodis Learning & Music

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Hodis Learning & Music (HLM) is offering new students the chance to save 20% on their first two sessions of tutoring, music, or art lessons. In order to get this sale price, the first session must take place between August 20 and September 20, 2023. Clients are encouraged to book their sessions as soon as possible to ensure they receive the discounted price.

“I know people don’t usually think about booking a tutor at the beginning of the semester,” says founder and president Drew M. Hodis. “But starting tutoring early can help students, especially if they didn’t do well in a certain subject the year before. Instead of falling behind and trying to catch up in a few months, early tutoring helps them learn the concepts they missed and stay on top of their current lessons. Now they’re starting the year with confidence and keeping up in class, or even getting ahead.”

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This sale also applies to music and art lessons, so if you’ve been thinking about starting your student in an extracurricular, this is a great time to do so. Visit to see a full list of academic tutoring subjects as well as musical instruments and art mediums students can learn.

Schedule your first discounted session or learn more by calling (626) 227-1149 or emailing today.