Reps. Chu and Collins Host A Conversation with the Cast and Crew of FX’s “The Americans”

Washington, DC — Today, Creative Rights Caucus Co-Chairs Representative Judy Chu (CA-27) and Doug Collins (GA-09), in cooperation with CreativeFuture, FX Networks, and 21st Century Fox, hosted a panel with the women and men whose vision, commitment, and innovation bring the show “The Americans” from “Script to Screen.” The panel, part of the CRC’s ongoing “Script to Screen” series, highlighted the importance of copyright protection and the 5.5. million workers in the creative industries, which contributes over $1.2 trillion to our nation’s GDP. Reps. Chu, Collins, and CreativeFuture CEO Ruth Vitale released the following statements:

“When the cast and crew of ‘The Americans’ show up to work, they’re not only telling stories that excite and captivate Americans, they are also helping to drive one of our economy’s most dynamic industries,” said Rep. Chu. “Creative industries have contributed over $1.2 trillion to our GDP while creating 5.5 million US jobs and creating $107 billion in annual wages. This is an industry that helps support families in every state. And it’s not just the stars and the producers. Craftspeople, artists, costumers, and many more are part of bringing these stories to life. And each of them depend on the copyright protections that make it all possible. I want to thank CreativeFuture and my colleague, Rep. Doug Collins, for helping me to tell their stories in Washington today.”

“Americans love compelling stories, and the shows we enjoy bring stories to life only through the efforts of countless dedicated individuals,” said Rep. Collins. “Today, I’m happy to welcome the talent behind ‘The Americans’ as we consider the ways that creators enrich our culture and expand our economy.”

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“CreatveFuture is grateful to Representatives Judy Chu and Doug Collins and the members of the Creative Rights Caucus for these opportunities, said Vitale. “These events are instrumental in showing policymakers that television shows, like The Americans, are not simply dreamt up and filmed on a whim. It takes careful planning, execution, and investment to turn these visions into a reality. CreativeFuture’s mission is to advocate for the film, television, music, publishing, and photography industries. We hope that today’s panel demonstrates the importance of the creative industries’ economic impact on our nation. We urge our leaders to protect them.”

The panel included John Landgraf, CEO, FX Networks & FX Productions, Noah Emmerich, Holly Taylor, Joe Weisberg, Creator and Executive Producer/Writer/Co-Showrunner, Joel Fields, Executive Producer/Writer/Co-Showrunner, and Katie Irish, Costume Designer.