Rep. Chu Statement on Student Walkouts

Washington, DC — Rep. Judy Chu (CA-27) issued the following statement on the student-led walkouts to protest Congressional inaction on gun violence:

“Because of the prevalence of gun violence and the certainty there will be more school shootings unless we act, students across the country who do not feel safe in their own classrooms have walked out to demand that we do something to secure their future. That is an enormous failing in our obligations to each other and the next generation.

“It has been nineteen years to the day since 13 lives were taken from us at Columbine High School and school shootings became a part of American life, and Congress has done nothing to keep students safe. Instead, Republicans have sought ways to weaken gun laws and drive up profits for the NRA and the gun manufacturers who fund it. In fact, just this week, 473 police officials from 39 states wrote to Congress imploring them not to move ahead with a planned vote on a bill that would hollow out state concealed carry laws. But despite professed support for law enforcement and first responders, Republicans clearly value public safety less than NRA support.

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“There are any number of actions we can take today to keep students safe, from universal background checks to bans on the most dangerous weapons – none of which would violate the second amendment, as even Antonin Scalia acknowledged in the Heller decision. All it takes is the will from our leaders. And if today’s Republicans leaders will not act, then then next generation will, as we are seeing today.

“I want our students to be back in their classrooms. But I want those classrooms to be safe from the same plague of gun violence that every other advanced country in the world has managed to suppress.”