REALLY – a poem by Rick Leddy


Do you still love me?
She asked

Of course I do,
He replied

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And without hesitation

The sun without you

Seared and dark

Gravity meaningless

The best of me floating away

Into the airless abyss

The stars blotted sucking black holes

The moon shriveled, jagged and broken

Hanging in a night sky shorn of romance

Each breath burning blackened lungs

A life of murky quicksand loneliness

Without you by my side

Of course I love you

You are the question answered

The punctuation and the meaning between the lines

The wind whispering music through the leaves

And long shadows cast on spring mornings

Growing old without you not growing at all

Just shrinking until the point of me is gone

We have seen the best and worst of each other

Our hearts beating fast in synchronous understanding

And shattered into a million shards of doubt

The blood of us still pulsing and whole

Yes, I love you

Without a shred of doubt

Without the filtered lies others tell themselves

Because the familiar is easier than dying alone

I want your hand in mine

Until our grip grows weak

And our eyes lose light)

She asked

He replied

PHOTO: Steven Lawrence | | Author and poet Rick Leddy

Rick Leddy is a poet, cartoonist, graphic designer, author, editor, and art director. He is the author of two poetry books, “365+1”, a collection of poetry that contains 366 poems — a poem a day — for the year 2016 and “Metro Mona Lisa”, which chronicles his journeys on the Los Angeles Metro and containing a unique blend of graphics and written word. He has authored two other books: “LeBron James – King of the Game” and “American Heroes: The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Road to Glory.” You will find him fending off imaginary enemies in the park when he isn’t writing or drawing.