Public Housing | LA County Receives $2.7 Million in Federal Funding to Reduce Health Hazards

Funding to Protect Over 6,000 Families


The Los Angeles County Development Authority (LACDA) has been awarded a Housing-Related Hazards Capital Fund Program grant in the amount of $2.7 million from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), to fund the reduction of hazards in its public housing communities. Nationwide, public housing agencies competed for a portion of the $20 million that was made available by the Federal agency, to identify and eliminate housing-related hazards in public housing such as mold, carbon monoxide, pest infestation, radon, fire hazards, and other housing hazards.

The focus of the LACDA’s funding will be targeted to the Carmelitos Public Housing Development in North Long Beach, and the Harbor Hills Public Housing Development in the City of Lomita. These sites will receive new exhaust fans in unit bathrooms to prevent mold. Additionally, the funding will assist in the installation of carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in all of the LACDA’s public housing units. Improvements and associated work will be completed in strict compliance with COVID-19 safe construction protocols, as well as building code requirements.

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“Carmelitos and Harbor Hills are home to families and young children,” said Los Angeles County Board Supervisor Janice Hahn. “It is absolutely necessary that we keep these homes safe and hazard-free.”

“We are grateful to HUD for being selected as a grant recipient,” said LACDA Executive Director Emilio Salas. “It is the agency’s goal to continue HUD’s mission to create strong, sustainable, inclusive communities, and quality affordable homes for all. It is our duty to ensure that the public housing residents we serve continue to live in communities that are hazard-free and this grant will assist us in that effort.”

The LACDA is responsible for the rehabilitation of 2,962 units of public housing and 267 units of non-conventional housing located on 68 sites across the County of Los Angeles. Since 2010, the LACDA has expended $95 million in Federal funds from the Capital Fund Program, Capital Fund Emergency & Security Grant, and the Community Development Block Grant Program for modernization and rehabilitation activities to provide modest affordable housing for families, seniors, and persons with disabilities.

For more information on the LACDA’s programs, please view the agency’s brochure, LACDA Connected. All media may contact Elisa Vásquez, LACDA Public Information Officer, at (626) 586-1762.