Poetry Corner with Ron Koertge | Bradbury: In Memoriam

Ray Bradbury, legendary author who frequently visited South Pasadena

Ray Bradbury finished his keynote speech, shook some
hands, then dropped by a much smaller room to listen
to some poetry.

He leaned in the door, smiled at the right time. Afterwards
he said he could use some coffee. Did anybody want to
join him?

So much like him — easy-going, generous, available.
“Mess around after you get your work done,” he said.
A young woman wrote that down in her journal.

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That sound you hear is not the wind, not a car rushing by.
It’s the present dressed in its usual momentary extravagance.

It’s the sand in an hourglass; it’s the few minutes before

The colors on this gorgeous stained glass window will
last a long time. But not forever.

Take the advice of somebody who knew what he was talking
about, and mess around after you get your work done.


– Ron Koertge   Poet Laureate, South Pasadena, CA