Perfect Scores | SPHS Students Update

Worldwide computer science testing

PHOTO: SPUSD | South News | From left: 2022 SPHS graduate Chun Hei Lincoln Lam, AP Computer Science Teacher Jared Guiou, and SPHS junior Ryan Estanislao celebrate the students’ perfect scores on the 2022 AP Computer Science exam. SPHS junior Keeran Murray is not pictured.

News provided by SPUSD

South Pasadena Unified School District congratulates SPHS juniors Ryan Estanislao and Keeran Murray, and 2022 SPHS graduate Chun Hei Lincoln Lam for each earning a perfect score on the Computer Science college-level Advanced Placement (AP) Exam in spring 2022. These three are among only 369 students worldwide to earn the distinction on this particular exam in 2022.

“I had hoped that at some point during my career I would teach at least one student earning a perfect score on the AP exam,” said SPHS AP Computer Science teacher Jared Guiou. “I am absolutely thrilled that during our first year back on campus after the end of distance learning, we are recognizing three outstanding students for their exceptional achievements in computer science.”

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The AP Computer Science course offered at South Pasadena High School is part of a pathway designed to introduce students to computer science. Courses in this pathway cover topics such as coding, app development, simulation, and cybersecurity. Students in these classes collaborate to design solutions to real-world challenges, while practicing ethical reasoning.

Congratulations to Ryan, Keeran, and Lincoln who have excelled in a subject area that motivates and encourages them to achieve their academic potential.

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