PCC and Arizona State University Reinstate Transfer Partnership

The “MyPath2ASU” partnership links PCC with Arizona State University, allowing students in the San Gabriel Valley the opportunity to pursue advanced study at ASU’s multiple campuses in Arizona or at ASU Local.

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PHOTO: PCC | Transfer partnership reinstated between PCC and ASU.

News provided by Pasadena City College

Students at Pasadena City College will have a streamlined path to a four-year degree at one of the American Southwest’s most prestigious universities, thanks to a reinstated partnership unveiled this week.

The “MyPath2ASU” partnership links PCC with Arizona State University, allowing students in the San Gabriel Valley the opportunity to pursue advanced study at ASU’s multiple campuses in Arizona or at ASU Local — ASU’s hybrid undergraduate program — at the ASU California Center in Downtown Los Angeles.

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The ASU/PCC collaboration bolsters the two institutions’ commitment to innovative, dynamic and the highest quality learning environments that lead to bachelor’s degree attainment and help students in Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley thrive, grow and gain career readiness experience.

Expanding PCC’s Tradition of Transfer

Already recognized as a transfer leader, and ranking first in California with transfers to the UC and CSU systems for the past three years, PCC’s agreement with ASU adds additional choice to an already healthy menu of options. Working with their transfer advisor, PCC students will be able to structure their community college studies to simplify and streamline their entry to ASU’s 350 bachelor’s degree programs across 17 schools.

“We know how important the benefits of a bachelor’s degree are to our students,” said PCC Superintendent/President Erika Endrijonas. “It’s more than just an increase in pay and an expansion of career opportunities. The intellectual and social development that comes with a college education only get broader and deeper the more time you spend pursuing your degree.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer these benefits to our students at a renowned institution such as Arizona State.”

ASU California Center offers classes in-person and through hybrid learning models

ASU California Center programs located in downtown Los Angeles encourage its community of students, faculty, and staff to come together for connection and support while having access to the extended Los Angeles community. The space is intended for small group interactions and study sessions with plenty of room for solo study sessions or one-on-one conversations between students.

ASU Local 

ASU Local is ASU’s hybrid undergraduate program that empowers students to thrive in college and in life while rooted in their communities. ASU Local students have access to 130+ online bachelor’s degrees while they receive in person support at the ASU California Center to foster an individualized college experience and career plan designed to harness the essence of the local community here in Los Angeles.

“The best thing about being part of ASU Local is the way they support my  academic, professional and personal goals. They see me as a whole person and provide me with a platform to show up authentically while giving me the space to be seen,” said Gigi Colcol, a transfer student at ASU Local–Los Angeles.

Students can transfer to ASU Local easily with the help of MyPath2ASU. Students can build a path to a major of their choice, minimizing loss of credits and saving precious time and resources.

BA in Filmmaking Practices, Los Angeles

The Sidney Poitier New American Film School, part of ASU’s Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, is one of the largest, most inclusive film schools in the country and operates across three cities. Pasadena City College transfer students studying in downtown Los Angeles will:

  • Become educated by working industry professionals.
  • Receive hands-on experience through courses and intensives that will prepare them to be successful in their internships.
  • Work on project-based coursework with review by industry professionals.
  • Finish the program prepared to enter the industry workforce and launch successful careers.

Video: ASU’s BA in Filmmaking Practices in Los Angeles

PCC students are already completing the associate degree for transfer in increasing numbers each year. In addition, PCC has partnered with the Group Effort initiative, co-founded by Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, to help BIPOC and other students find careers in Hollywood.

Transferring made accessible

“Through our reinstated partnership with Pasadena City College, we are committed to developing supportive environments for transfer students to seamlessly achieve high-quality baccalaureate degrees that prepare learners for their future careers,” said Cheryl Hyman, ASU Vice Provost, Academic Alliances. “We continuously focus on enhancing the transfer experience by introducing new pathway options through advanced transfer navigation technologies and personalized learning offerings like MyPath2ASU.”

Arizona State University offers transfer pathways built from PCC to ASU with MyPath2ASU for on-campus, ASU Local and online programs. Students can use MyPath2ASU to map their bachelor’s degree pathway to one of ASU’s offerings. Together the institutions will work collaboratively to promote educational degree pathways. These pathways will ensure their courses are applicable toward their degree in their chosen major and minimize credit loss.

About Pasadena City College: 

Since 1924, Pasadena City College has provided the San Gabriel Valley with a high-quality, innovative learning environment that inspires student success. Our academic programs encompass a variety of degrees, transfer programs, certificates of achievement, and occupational skills certificates that challenge students and support progress toward their goals. In 2019-20, PCC was ranked #1 in the state for transfers to the CSU and UC systems for the third consecutive year, and in 2021, PCC was named by MacKenzie Scott as one of “286 Teams Empowering Voices the World Needs to Hear,” accompanied by a transformative $30 million gift.

About Arizona State University:

Arizona State University, ranked No. 1 “Most Innovative School” in the nation by U.S. News & World Report for seven years in succession, has forged the model for a New American University. ASU is a comprehensive public research institution, measured not by whom it excludes, but by whom it includes and how they succeed; advancing research and discovery of public value; and assuming fundamental responsibility for the economic, social, cultural and overall health of the communities it serves. ASU operates on the principles that learning is a personal and original journey for each student; that they thrive on experience and that the process of discovery cannot be bound by traditional academic disciplines. Through innovation and a commitment to accessibility, ASU has drawn pioneering researchers to its faculty even as it expands opportunities for qualified students, attracting some of the highest caliber students from all 50 states and more than 130 nations.