Paramedic Subscription Program Introduced | New Service ‘Great Deal’

Citizens can save big by becoming a member and avoid an average $2,500 cost when faced with an emergency trip to the hospital

PHOTO: Alisa Hayashida | News | Firefighter Paramedic Anthony Corrao in South Pasadena Engine 81

With the high cost of ambulance service, Paul Riddle calls the South Pasadena’s Fire Department’s Paramedic Subscription Program “a great deal.”

Riddle, the SPFD’s fire chief, recognizes big savings when he sees it.

Available to city residents for $80 annually for up to 10 people and $90 for employees, it pays the cost of ambulance service to the hospital after calling 9-1-1.

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“Whatever you receive from your insurance carrier will be considered as payment in full,” explained Riddle. “You have to have insurance to qualify for it. Obviously, that’s where we are recouping the cost. It really is a good deal when you look at the price of transport expenses.”

Anyone wanting information about it is encouraged to stop by the South Pasadena Fire Department to learn more.

“We’ll be happy to walk you through the program,” said Riddle, noting that the average ambulance ride to a hospital like Huntington Memorial can “be about $2,500.”

SPFD Division Chief Eric Zanteson says the program is not permitted for non-emergency transport such as doctor appointments.

“In order to participate, the household or business should complete and submit an enrollment form at the Fire Department,” he said. “The program is to assist subscribers because most insurance plans do not pay the entire emergency ambulance transportation bill. The fire department’s intent is to have as much insurance information as possible before the emergency occurs so that appropriate collections for services can take place through the insurance company and not the individual.”

The signups are in person or via mail. You can find the application HERE to print and fill out, then return it via USPS with a check for $80.00 for household, $90.00 for a business, or return in person to the Fire Department at 817 Mound Avenue. For additional information, individuals may click HERE or contact the Fire Department Administrative Analyst Kim Kha at (626) 403-7300.