Opinion | Thank You South Pasadena Firefighters!

The real heroes – no, make that superheroes are those who put their lives on the line daily, especially during he wildfire season, to keep us safe

PHOTO: Tuesday, 9-15-2020 around 4 pm officials at Mt Wilson issued their "sincerest thanks to the firefighters who are on the ground defending our observatory as well as the pilots flying aircraft for fire suppression." CREDIT: Mount Wilson Observatory @MtWilsonObs

Notes of praise, tasty treats, and thumbs up from the public haven’t gone unnoticed by members of the South Pasadena Fire Department as wildfires have raged up and down the state.

South Pasadenans are grateful for those who answer the call, putting their lives on the line ahead of others.

Always at the ready, SPFD officials give up their time, often missing family milestones and important moments with loved ones to protect the lives of others.

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If you don’t think their value in the community is recognized, just listen to local Fire Chief Paul Riddle, who knows firsthand the dedication and commitment of those who were sent to all reaches of California in recent weeks, becoming heroes in the eyes of so many while fighting numerous wildfires.

Residents have gone out of their way to thank South Pasadena firefighters with kind gestures.

“There has been thank you notes and goodies arriving daily at the fire station,” noted Riddle.

From the Lighting Complex Fire, to the El Dorado and Bobcat blazes and more, South Pasadena’s finest have joined thousands of firefighters in battling blazes that have scorched acres and acres of land since mid-August.

I can’t say enough about the selfless attitude of our firefighters,” explained Riddle, pleased with the first responders on his team. “During all the challenges of this year I have not heard any complaining or discord. Moral has been high and they remain dedicated in their duty!”

It takes bravery and fortitude from individuals who are put in harm’s way daily and often don’t come away with the gratitude they deserve. A simple way to let them know you care is to cook them a meal, send a letter of your appreciation, donate to a good cause, leave a gift basket inside their station door, express your good thoughts through social media and make their day by simply saying thanks next time you see them around town.

Brave souls, they’re the superheroes of this town and deserve the highest recognition for going beyond the call of duty with their efforts in working to protect and keeping us safe.

Thank you South Pasadena firefighters, especially during this horrendous wildest of fire seasons, that is setting new milestones. Four million-plus acres have been burned already this year in California, more than double the previous record for land consumed by fires in a single year, outmatching the previous mark established in 2018 when 1.67 million acres or 2,609 square miles were scorched by flames.

Making it worse, the fire season is slated for another two months in California.

“I’m proud of our guys and all the men and women who put on the badge and commit to save lives and properties,” said Riddle. “To risk their lives to safe people makes you proud.”