OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Mayor Richard Schneider South Pasadena

PHOTO: Esteban Lopez | | South Pasadena Mayor Richard Schneider (middle) attends special press conference Wednesday 11-28-2018 at Arlington Gardens in Pasadena announcing the FEIR.

RE: Today’s release and announcement of the historic final EIR; essentially ending the six-decade conflict with the 710 extension. Press Conference Click Here

From Mayor Schneider:

“This is a watershed moment for South Pasadena and generations of residents who have fought for decades to preserve and protect the integrity of our community.

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The final EIR reflects the growing consensus in our region that the 710 extension is not feasible in any form, and we must look to other solutions to alleviate traffic congestion on local roadways.

The funding that was set aside for the 710 extension will now go to targeted congestion relief projects. I’m very pleased that South Pasadena, our neighboring cities and regional partners are already coming together in a spirit of cooperation and finding consensus on regional traffic solutions, putting the 710 battles behind us.

While there are still a few outstanding issues, such as the transition of Caltrans surplus property, we are confident that those will be resolved in the coming months and we can get to work on critical regional projects that will improve mobility and the quality of life in the San Gabriel Valley.”

~ Mayor Richard Schneider, South Pasadena