Non-Profit PCDA Struggles to Keep Doors Open | Support Needed for Children with Developmental Challenges

Like many businesses and organizations across the nation, Professional Child Development Associates is having tp shut down. They are currently reaching out the community at large for any support

During this time of national emergency, Professional Child Development Associates (PCDA) asks for support to help sustain its mission. PCDA is the largest known agency in the United States, (for client volume and number of services provided) that utilizes the DIR therapy model for children with autism and other developmental challenges. Each year, PCDA serves over 1000 children with their multi-disciplinary programming and an annual budget of $5 million. As of March 16th PCDA took the unprecedented step of suspending all client services to best protect the staff and the families they serve from the community spread of COVID-19. Currently, PCDA is actively pursuing developing opportunities in hopes that they can continue to serve some clients through alternative means.

The children that receive PCDA’s services have myriad social, emotional, cognitive and physical challenges. Approximately 70 percent of their clients come to them with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Children on the spectrum have special needs for routine, sameness and consistency. This time of global crisis can be especially difficult for these children and their families, as their regular routines have been upended. And, with service interruption, they no longer have the support of the unique programming and the compassionate community that PCDA provides.

PCDA has created a practice able to address the multiple needs of any child with a developmental disability and their family, but in doing so, they are stretched to create revenue commensurate with services. Their revenue comes primarily from regional centers (California State Department of Developmental Services) as well as school districts, insurance and other contracts. With the suspension of services they no longer have this ongoing revenue stream.

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PCDA will continue to have operating expenses to maintain for the duration of this pandemic. They anticipate that philanthropic funding will be needed to mitigate $100,000 in monthly ongoing overhead expenses. Their goal is to gather $500,000 which will fulfill their overhead needs as well as provide for a period of recovery until there is full service capacity.

Christopher Perri, executive director of PCDA shares, “We know that there is going to be an unbelievable demand on the philanthropic community at this time. But we know how much our services are needed and the uniqueness of them. They can’t be replicated and our community’s families depend on them.” PCDA remains hopeful, as well as hope-filled.

To donate visit and click on “Give” then “Donate Now” or reach PCDA at