Ms. Suzanne McNulty’s Kindergarten Class reunites before 2017 Grad

Ms. McNulty’s kindergarten class in 2005

Melissa Meza was the room parent for Ms. McNulty’s kindergarten and first grade class of 2004-2006 at Marengo Elementary. McNulty taught the same group both years. Her class of 2004 is going to be graduating next week as the Class of 2017 and Meza thought it might be fun to see if they could gather the old class.

Class of 2017 gathered in Garfield Park l-r: (bottom row) Heather Held, Ilai Gilbert, Maxwll Robertson, (mid-row) Madison Hirano, Guillermo Ocdamia, Ryan Vargas, Lorie Meza, Xander Zooi, (top row) Ms. Suzanne McNulty, Emily Swanson, Adrian Sifuentes, Coby Pineda and Caroline Becronis. Alesandre Sannnibale came a bit late and is seen in the bottom photo.

Ms. McNulty was all in! They thought it might be fun if they could get at least five or six of them together; they ended up getting 13 out of 20 to gather at Garfield Park for a little reunion. Meza says it’s a testament to McNulty and to these terrific kids who took time out from prom and graduation parties to thank their kindergarten teacher. What is it they say, “all I really need to know I learned in kindergarten”?

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