Brush Fire in Monterey Hills | SPFD Quickly Extinguishes Backyard Blaze

Six engines, two truck companies and four battalion chiefs all aided in putting out the blaze behind Bank Street and Via del Rey

PHOTO: Alisa Hayashida | News | Fire Engine 81, South Pasadena Fire Department

A brush fire in the backyard of two homes in the 800 block of Via del Rey was extinguished on Monday in about 15 minutes, according to Daniel Dunn, a fire captain with the South Pasadena Fire Department.

The blaze, which broke out at about noon was also experienced behind homes in the 1200 block of Via del Rey.

Alhambra, followed by South Pasadena Fire Department units, was first to arrive at the scene before a full response brought trucks from San Marino, Pasadena and L.A. City to the scene.

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Six engines, two truck companies, four battalion chiefs all aided in putting out the blaze.

High winds on Monday created havoc for some neighboring cities experiencing fallen trees and down power lines.

With windy conditions on Monday, Dunn said it was fortunate mutual aide from other departments was provided to put out the blaze.

“With these type of winds, this could have caused a major fire in the hill section (of the city),” he said. “The nature of the brush, it’s still very green and wet, and the fire wasn’t able to spread as fast as the summertime.”

As result of high winds, fire officials say a large tree branch fell on power lines causing sparks which fell on the brush, igniting the fire.

Dunn said the city went relatively unscathed as surrounding communities experienced a large number of wind-related calls Monday involving fallen trees and down power lines. “There’s been a big impact from the winds in the area,” he said, noting the local fire department fielded only a couple of calls as a result of the wind.