Mind Elsewhere Releases New Single

So Cal hard rock outfit releases 'Ghost Ship' as a sign of things to come

PHOTO: Logo by Tanya LaBrun | SouthPasadenan.com News

The landscape that is modern rock is a difficult one to traverse at times. The radio, while still active, never really seems to play anything interesting enough; it’s background music for the most part, something to have on when you don’t really want to have to interact with whatever you’re listening to. With the advent of being able to access thousands of songs and artists at the touch of the finger, with Spotify or Pandora, the whole process of how we find and listen to music has changed. Bands are signing on by the literal millions, it’s an easy and affordable process and what most bands, especially in the world of rock-and-roll or alternative, are doing.

It was with blind luck that I was able to hear about Mind Elsewhere and their new single ‘Ghost Ship’. Ross Rocco(vox and guitar), Dustin Riggers(bass) and Adam Samano(drums) have written a song that I not only think is fantastic, but makes me excited about the future of the band and by extension the future of music.  After losing their original drummer, Dustin stepped up to play the drums as well as the bass, effectively making the band a two piece before Adam was able to jump on board. Double duty is never easy and shows the hard working etiquette of the band and in this business, you get what you give.

‘Ghost Ship’ is a haunting number, if you’ll pardon the pun. Metal Core, Alternative and Emo with just a dash of Chevelle, it’s a finely crafted song. Dynamic while holding control, lyrically honest without being whiny, the song takes you on a tight journey and one that you can sing along to as well. Ross’ lyrics are beautifully stated, enigmatic while retaining access to emotion, you can feel what he’s saying.  The technical musicianship is tight without being pompous; these aren’t guys showing off, they’re guys writing music. I’ve listened to ‘Ghost Ship’ many times and to put it simply; I just can’t get enough.

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To accompany ‘Ghost Ship’, Mind Elsewhere also has another song on their Spotify profile that the singer of Brightside Flight sings on. The song ‘Falling for You(Remember&Forget) is perfectly accompanied by Cody Lee and the Oklahoma based band is another group to keep your eyes and ears out for.

It’s always been my theory that music should leave you wanting more, never satisfied and certainly never bored. I want more. I want a full length album and I’m really curious to see what Mind Elsewhere are going to be able to come up with.  Whatever it may be I know it certainly won’t be boring and it almost definitely will be a dynamic experience. It’s a fantastic time to be able to find new music and though the landscape constantly shifts and sways there’s one constant that will always remain; people respond to good songwriting.

You can find the new single ‘Ghost Ship’ by Mind Elsewhere on Spotify and most other streaming services. Find the guys on Facebook and give them a like and a follow; they’re definitely a band I will be keeping my eye on and when they break I won’t be surprised.