Memorial Day Ceremony Moving & Meaningful

More to follow on South Pasadena's Memorial Day Event... Stay Tuned.

PHOTO: Steven Lawrence | | Congresswoman Judy Chu with Troop 333 on Memorial Day 2017 in South Pasadena

Memorial Day Ceremonies & Presentations at the South Pasadena War Memorial Facility. The room was filled with attendees. Truly meaningful and heartfelt presentations included stories from Congresswoman Judy Chu, State Assemblyman Chris Holden, Yvette Kim on behalf of Senator Anthony Portantino, South Pasadena Mayor Michael Cacciotti, United States Army Corps of Engineers Captain Stephen Ramsbottom, The Oneonta Choir, and more. Also, an excellent job & sharp color guard by our South Pasadena Boy Scout Troop 333.

More to follow…Stay Tuned…

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More to follow…Stay Tuned…

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