Meet-and-Greet Fundraiser | Senator Kevin de Leon

PHOTO: Courtesy of Sean Abajian | | The crowd takes a quick picture at the meet-and-greet fundraiser

On March 24 a meet-and-greet fundraiser was held in South Pasadena for Senator Kevin de Leon. He is the President Pro Tempore of the California Senate and currently running for US Senate against incumbent Senator Dianne Feinstein. The event was held at the home of Maria Luisa and Victor Veloz who had beautifully decorated their backyard with custom designed papel picado decorations featuring the Senator’s name and both the American and Californian flags. Senator de Leon addressed an intimate audience which included South Pasadena Council Member Michael Cacciotti as well as the LA Community College District Chancellor Dr. Francisco C. Rodriguez, Trustee Mike Fong and Trustee Steve Veres. He stated, “it’s important to have a voice in Washington that’s on the frontlines and not on the sideline. Someone who will move forward a progressive agenda.” He then shared his record of being the author of the “California Values Act” also known as the “Sanctuary State Bill” and referenced his championing of legislation that has passed to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour, strengthen climate change laws, and provide equal pay for women doing equal work as their male counterparts (California Fair Pay Act). When asked a question about gun control, he spoke about California’s strict laws and that stricter laws are needed nationwide to prevent the flow of weapons from other states into California as well as background checks for the purchase of ammunition. The US Senate Primary election will be June 5, 2018.