Marengo Parent Party Catches Fire Fun Had by All

The Annual Marengo Parent Party hit it's sixth year with a Luau theme.

PHOTO: Alyssa Messina | | Marengo PTA Parent Party Co-Chairs: Adrienne Shanley, Michelle Hansen, Mariela King, Amy Amaro, and Kaitlyn Zee


The PTA’s 6th Annual Marengo Parent Party and biggest fundraiser of the year was held at Sean and Lori Hunter’s house for a second year.  More than 200 paid guests showed up for the Luau-themed event, which helps pay for a variety of Marengo’s key programs, including technology support, cultural arts events and reading arts support.

Hula dancers and fire dancing was provided and sponsored by Kaitlyn and Tappan Zee of Lucid Life Entertainment who are both Marengo parents.  The show was top-notch and the Hula dancers even danced with a few lucky guests. Hypnotic and danceable tunes were provided all night by DJ Mando Carrera.

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There was beer on tap and for those feeling festive, as well as all-you-can-drink delicious exotic cocktails: Tito’s Aloha Pineapple and a classic Mai Tai.

Favorite South Pasadena eatery, The Canoe House, graciously supplied the delectable food, which included pork potstickers, fried rice, pork tacos and fresh poke. For dessert: mouth-watering key lime pie, scrumptious carrot cake and assorted cookies.

Silent auction items ranged from lunch with your favorite teacher all the way up to Jingle Ball tickets.  The Top 3 auction items: Estate Planning package, Principal for the Day and a weekend stay at the Nomad Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles.

When asked, each and every guest made mention of how pleased they were at the efforts and results of the party planning committee. If blood, sweat and tears could be exchanged for cash, the team of volunteer parents would be rich people.

Party committee member Alyssa Messina said it took a dedicated team to make the Lua “vision” come to life, from the beach decorations to the food fare to the fire dancing.

“We did it all for the Marengo parents … and for the Marengo kids,” Messina said. “We are exhausted to the bone. We will sleep for a month. But, we did it for the kids.”

PHOTO: Alyssa Messina | | Party goers dancing to the beat
PHOTO: Alyssa Messina | | The beautiful backyard transported to the Hawaiian Isles.
PHOTO: Alyssa Messina | | Hula dancers courtesy of Lucid Life Entertainment, LLC
Parent Party Planner, Alyssa Messina, gets down Lua-style with a professional Hula dancer.
Parents and love birds, Cara and Mike Melloh, strike a pose, Hawaiian-style.
These parents decided to go full pirate!
The water was inviting but guests preferred the dance floor.
The Lua-themed party was a big hit with guests!
Voted Cutest Island Prince and Princess (Cutest Couple) were parents, Albert and Linda Kao.
PHOTO: Alyssa Messina | Gracious homeowners Sean and Lori Hunter who loaned their backyard for the event.