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I am writing in response to the criticisms of an alleged negative campaign tactics from me.  I respectfully disagree and here’s why:

As a local elected official, Linda Wah has a voting record that deserves to be examined in an election and a campaign. An election is the time when voters hold elected officials accountable for their job performance over the course of their terms and evaluate their effectiveness of their service. In fact, since Linda Wah was appointed to office in 2009 and had no challengers for the last two terms, which means her record has not been discussed or reviewed for 13 years. There were no PCC Board elections in 2014 or 2018 because Linda Wah ran unopposed so voters had no alternative choices or had to vote at all.

In my campaign, I have put forth facts and not lies. It may be uncomfortable for Linda Wah and her supporters to see the negative impact of Linda Wah’s decisions on the PCC Board, but these are facts not lies. She made these decisions and it’s time for voters to decide whether she deserves a third term or not.

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I am running because I am deeply concerned with what is happening at PCC. I have met and spoken to many voters who have appreciated the opportunity to talk about their experiences with PCC. I plan to continue doing just that, informing voters and letting them know they have a choice for change.


Kristine Kwong, candidate for Pasadena Area Community College District Board – District 5


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