Input Opportunity on Draft Local Hazard Mitigation Plan | City of South Pasadena

FILE PHOTO: Eric Fabbro | News | South Pasadena Fire Department Engine 81

The City in collaboration with agency partners and stakeholders is working to update the Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (LHMP) which is now open until July 15, 2023 for public participation. Community members are encouraged to participate and to share their experiences, knowledge, and concerns about local hazards by going to the Local Hazard Mitigation page on the City website at preparedness/local-hazard-mitigation-plan.

The Local Hazard Mitigation Plan is being updated concurrently with the Safety Element in accordance with Assembly Bill No. 2140. This legislation allows California counties and cities to adopt their current, FEMA-approved local mitigation plans into the Safety Element for their General Plans. Adopting these plans make the county or city eligible to be considered for part or all its local-share costs on eligible Public Assistance funding to be provided by the state through the California Disaster assistance Act (CDAA).

To learn more about the Local Hazard Mitigation Plan, disaster preparedness, and opportunities to get involved, go to our page at

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Items to be considered can be emailed to South Pasadena Fire Department Operations Chief Eric Zanteson at, and will inform strategies and actions to reduce future risks, including injuries and property damage, from hazards.