Home Squatter Alert: Authorities Called In To Clear Property

California Highway Patrol (CHP) and other authorities are called in to remove squatters from South Pasadena homes.

PHOTO: Kasper Tobias | South Pasadenan.com News | Squatters are removed from vacant Caltrans owned houses.

Squatters were spotted in the 800 block of Oneonta Drive and 700 block of Bonita Drive last week. Witnesses reported to The South Pasadenan a young couple with a dog had broken into the vacant home located on Oneonta Drive, which is currently owned by Caltrans. It appears that they gained access to the water main as well.

PHOTO: Sally Takeda | Resident | South Pasadenan.com News | CHP and other authorities arrive on scene to manage squatting incident in South Pasadena homes.

In a separate incident, an individual was seen entering a vacant property on Bonita Drive, which is currently owned by Caltrans.

PHOTO: Sally Takeda | Resident | South Pasadenan.com News |
Neighbors on Oneonta Drive requested assistance from the South Pasadena Police Department, but were told that SPPD would not respond as this is a state issue. CHP officers and a Caltrans property supervisor arrived on the scene to manage the situation.
One of the individuals told the Caltrans property supervisor that she had been persuaded to move in by someone who had apparently listed the property on Craigslist as a move-in rental.
PHOTO: Sally Takeda | Resident | South Pasadenan.com News | Broken water main
After the squatters vacated the property, the doors to the house were locked and a security guard was posted at the site for 24 hours. Orders have been placed to install interior bars to prevent forced entry, cut vegetation for visibility from the street, and to install warning signs.
PHOTO: Sally Takeda | Resident | South Pasadenan.com News | Overgrowth on vacant property before trimming began.
PHOTO: Sally Takeda | Resident | South Pasadenan.com News | Exposed sewer line and water pipe is visible during removal of foliage.
PHOTO: Sally Takeda | South Pasadenan.com News | Hillside is completely bare after foliage removal.


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  1. After this incident, City Manager(CM) Chaparyan and Chief of Police Solinsky invited the neighbors to discuss our experiences re: these vacant, dilapidated, uninhabitable CalTrans properties this past Monday, the 12th. Along with other city staff members, Councilmember Primuth and Councilmember Donovan, over a dozen neighbors expressed their concern and frustration about these properties and the need to sell them to qualified buyers to restore our neighborhood. CM Chaparyan and Chief Solinsky were extremely open and equally concerned. They informed us to call SPPD first when we see suspicious activity in the future and they will work with CHP and CalTrans to coordinate an immediate response.

    The need to sell these unoccupied, decrepit state owned properties to qualified buyers is a necessity. These properties need hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of work; it is not safe for anyone to live in them.