HOLY FRIT to Screen at Rialto Theatre March 19

Multi-award-winning documentary and “love letter to South Pasadena” comes to the Rialto Theatre Saturday, March 19, 2022. Sponsored by South Pasadena Chamber of Commerce, Judson Studios, Bullseye Glass, Mosaic, and SPARC; featuring Q&A with film’s director and star.

The South Pasadena Chamber of Commerce brings the award-winning documentary “Holy Frit” to the Rialto Theatre on Saturday, March 19, 2022, at 6 p.m. A quintessential South Pasadena story, the film grew out of casual coversations between two local neighbors; one burgeoning filmmaker, the other an unknown artist who had charmed his way into winning the commission to create the world’s largest stained-glass window. Together they winde their way through South Pasadena, from Judson Studio’s nearby 100-year-old stained glass studio to Little League games in the Arroyo, documenting the artist’s three-year race against the clock to tackle a career-defining commission. “Holy Frit” debuted at the Slam Dance Film Festival in 2021 and has won numberous major festival awards from Los Angeles to Warsaw. Tickets for the Chamber’s screening and Q&A with the film’s director, star, and one of the producers and a pre-screening food & wine reception are available on Eventbrite.

PHOTO: Judson Studios/ Kyle J. Mickelson | South Pasadena News | Working on the film “Holy Frit” at Judson Studios in South Pasadena

The first feature documentary by director/producer Justin Monroe, “Holy Frit” is a dramatic and comedic collision of art, business, religion, and human ambition as artist Tim Carey, the famous glass maestro turned mentor Narcissus Quagliata, and the teams at Judson Studios and Bullseye Glass attempt to create a stained glass window the size of a basketball court for a $90 million mega-church in Kansas. With stress through the roof and time running out, the viewer becomes a fly-on-the-wall witnessing the effort and wondering whether they can deliver this massive, complicated, and controversial art piece to their nervous client in time. To learn more and watch the trailer, visit the film’s website HolyFrit.com.

PHOTO: Judson Studios/Kyle J. Mickelson | “Galaxy” stained glass window created at Judson Studios

“What an honor to be screening “Holy Frit” at the iconic Rialto Theatre!” shares Justin Monroe and Tim Carey. “For a couple of South Pas Artists, immersing ourselves in our respective crafts and coming home after the long festival journey…we couldn’t be more excited to show this “love letter” to our amazing little town.”

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The South Pasadena Chamber is proud to bring “Holy Frit” to South Pasadena in partnership with two central characters in the documentary, Judson Studios and Bullseye Glass, the South Pasadena Arts Council, and Mosaic Los Angeles. The film’s director and star will be joined by Chris Saito, one of the film’s producers and a South Pasadena resident, for this special evening sharing their work with their neighbors and friends. Tickets for the “Holy Frit” screening ($10 per ticket) and pre-screening reception ($10 per ticket) are available on Eventbrite.