HOLY FRIT | Stained-Glass Documentary Premieres at “Dances With Films” Festival

Award Winning, Independent Documentary Film, HOLY FRIT, Will Have Its California Premiere At The Renowned “Dances With Films” Festival | “This Is Not Your Grandma’s Stained-Glass Movie” 

PHOTO: Film still from the documentary "Holy Frit"

The multi-award winning documentary film, HOLY FRIT, will have its California premiere, live and in-person at the world famous TCL Chinese Theatre, in Hollywood, CA. The film will screen on September 11th at 11:30am.

PHOTO: Judson Studios/ Kyle J. Mickelson | South Pasadena News | The making of the documentary “Holy Frit”

HOLY FRIT, the first feature documentary by Director/Producer, Justin Monroe, is a visceral 3-year race against time, where Tim Carey, a talented, yet unknown, Los Angeles artist bluffs his way into winning the commission to create the world’s largest stained-glass window of its kind. Unfortunately, Tim doesn’t know how to make his complicated design. After a desperate search, he finds someone who might have the answer… a famous glass maestro, named Narcissus Quagliata.

PHOTO: Judson Studios/Kyle J. Mickelson | “Galaxy” stained glass window created at Judson Studios

As this documentary unfolds, the clash of two big personalities slowly transforms into the forging of a lasting friendship, while Master and Protégé  struggle to attempt a masterpiece of epic proportions. Even though this story takes place in the niche world of an ancient art-form, it gives a universally fun, heartfelt, and comedic look into the drama of any human endeavor that is greater than the sum of its parts.

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PHOTO: Film still from the documentary “Holy Frit”

This dramatic and even comedic collision of art, business, religion and human ambition has roots winding through South Pasadena from Judson Studios, a 5th generation stained-glass company who challenge 1,000 year-old traditions as they help tackle a $90 million mega-church commission of a window that is virtually the size of a basketball court, to South Pasadena residents Justin Monroe (director/producer), Tim Carey (lead character), Sophia Carey (supporting character) and producer Chris Saito.

PHOTO: Judson Studios/ Kyle J. Mickelson | South Pasadena News | Working on the film “Holy Frit” at Judson Studios in South Pasadena

The screening will be September 11, 2021 at 11:30am and moviegoers can purchase tickets at  danceswithfilms.com/home-2021/holy-frit

All Dances With Films screenings will be at TLC Chinese Theatre. 6925 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028.

The trailer can be found online at: vimeo.com/489473689