Hodis Learning & Music Continues Tutoring in 2022-2023 School Year

Homeschool Sign Up: Tutoring by Hodis Learning & Music for South Pasadena, San Marino, Pasadena, Alhambra, and Highland Park area has proven to be a successful resource for students of all ages - and adults .

News provided by Hodis Learning & Music

Drew M. Hodis, president and founder of Hodis Learning & Music (HLM) will be starting a PhD program in Clinical Psychology at Adelphi University this fall. However, clients can still expect the same one-on-one, personalized sessions and expert education that they have had since the company’s founding in 2021. 

“I’m very excited about starting this new chapter of my educational and professional life,” says Hodis, a South Pasadena native and alumnus of the South Pasadena public school system. “My goal with everything I do is to help people, and getting my PhD in Clinical Psychology will allow me to help even more people through individual therapy, teaching, and running my company.”

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Hodis explained that he will continue to oversee administrative business functions, while also utilizing expert billing staff, customer service representatives, and an outreach coordinator to ensure clients receive a seamless educational experience. “My outreach coordinator will be on the ground in the Pasadena area, attending first sessions and serving as the face of the company during events. He’s worked at the company since it was founded and he’s one of our best tutors, so I trust that HLM will be in good hands. I also trust my billing department and receptionist service to ensure smooth business operations. We’ve been training and preparing for this transition and I know that my team can handle this.”

Hodis Learning & Music offers tutoring in most K-12 subjects, as well as music instruction and art instruction, taught by expert educators who have years of tutoring and teaching experience. HLM also donates 20% of profits to the South Pasadena Educational Foundation and Pasadena Educational Foundation. To learn more about Hodis Learning & Music visit www.hodislearning.com or call (626) 227-1149.