Gillette Crescent Gets A New Little Library

Local residents make use of time off to build a Little Library for their neighborhood

PHOTO: Lauren Child | South Pasadena News | Gillette Crescent's brand new Little Library

South Pasadenan Lauren Child, who lives on Gillette Crescent, was looking for something to occupy her time off during the current Covid-19 shelter in place life. Child, along with her partner, Hector Batista, and 5 year-old son, Foster, moved to South Pas in October and have taken to going on lots of walks to get to know the neighborhood. Along the way they began noticing some of the Little Libraries around town.

PHOTO: Lauren Child | South Pasadena News | The home of the Childs, which served as a model for the Little Library

“I’m an avid reader and especially love real books,” says Child, “ebooks have never been my thing…so I pretty much became obsessed and decided our new home needed a Little Library!” She explains she also wanted to do something for the neighborhood to bring some cheer to Gillette Crescent.

It just so happens that Child’s tenant and friend, Javier Exposito, is an incredible woodworker so she asked him if he wanted to take on the project. Luckily he was “free” and was happy to jump in. “Our home is a 1923 Spanish Revival, so I thought it would be cute to make a little replica,” says Child. Exposito enjoyed the challenge and even sourced the “tile” out of pvc piping cut in half and painted red.

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Child tells us that as they were building the library over two days, people on walks would stop and ask questions (from a safe distance) and tell them how excited they were to have a Little Library close by and offered books to donate.

Exposito’s fiancé Amanda Towe got in on the work as well and their “son”, Maverick, gave it a big thumbs(?) up!

PHOTO: Lauren Child | South Pasadena News | Javier Exposito, Amanda Towe and Maverick stand proudly in front of the new Little Library

“As I mentioned before, both Javier and I were laid off due to the Covid-19 pandemic,” explains Child, “so we have had ample time to work on projects around the house. This project turned out to be more than just for the house…it’s for everyone in the neighborhood to enjoy!”

PHOTO: Lauren Child | South Pasadena News | Come check it out. Bring a book. Take a book.

The Gillette Crescent Little Library has given Child, Exposito and neighbors something fun to look forward to. Child says, “I love going down to see what new books are in the library and what books have been given a new home. It brings me happiness every day.”