Get to Know Nott & Associates | An Eye for Detail

As a full-service firm, Nott & Associates takes their clients from concept and design, through interior design, and construction

Take a stroll down the streets of this city, and you will see what makes South Pasadena such a jewel. Amongst the mature trees are the homes, just as beautiful and natural to the surrounding Southern California landscape. From Craftsman to Spanish and Colonial, these historic dwellings are integral to what make the city so charming and such a desirable place to live.

There are few who understand the value of these dwellings better than Nott & Associates. As a father-and-son business, this design and build firm is as local as it gets. Tom Nott was born in East Los Angeles and graduated from the USC School of Architecture. Tom built his first home in the Monterey Hills, where he still lives.

His son Jeff Nott, grew up in South Pasadena, and now lives in a 110 year old Craftsman home on Milan Ave. He is teaching his 3 sons the business, making it an enterprise that will span three generations. Their dedication to longevity and community goes hand-in-hand with the firm’s notable reputation in the city. Their portfolio boasts over 250 projects completed in South Pasadena alone over the last 30 years. Each project done with the specific knowledge and expertise of what these homes need to keep their historic integrity intact.

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As a full-service firm, Nott & Associates takes their clients from concept and design, through interior design, and construction. No matter the scope of the project, what Nott & Associates brings to the table is an eye for detail and commitment to excellence. Historic preservation is key: with any remodel care is taken to match the details of the original structure as much as possible. Woodwork, tiling, iron work and plaster all matched to create a seamless extension to the home.

With the recent changes in state legislation there are new opportunities for accessory dwelling units (ADU). Nott and Associates goal with these ADUs is to create new housing that looks like it belongs there, not just dropped there. This attention to detail and preservation is a natural result not only of the firm’s core values, but of their experience building these homes while working with the city’s planning and building department and the Cultural Heritage Committee, not only to gain project approval but to see it through to completion every step of the way.

Nott and Associates familiarity with building codes and requirements allows them to navigate the bureaucracy of the local building departments to give the client what they want while keeping with the character of the neighborhood. Jeff Nott says construction is very personal to him, “Your house is sculpture of you, built out of bricks and sticks”. He wants what he builds to symbolize the neighborhood and meet his client’s needs.

Nott & Associates is here to stay. Since Tom built his home here 50 years ago and 25 years on Mission Street with 3 boys to teach the trade they will be here to serve the community for years to come. Nott and Associates will continue to meet new challenges and problem-solve with even more experience and ingenuity. One house at a time, they’re taking care of the city they call home.