Free Advertising for Local Businesses | South Pasadena City Council Approves Marketing Program

A new marketing program aimed at promoting the City of South Pasadena and its businesses through a variety of print and digital media platforms got under way about 10 days ago after being approved by the City Council.

Two organizations, the South Pasadena Chamber of Commerce and locally owned nexusplex, will coordinate on the effort, aimed at helping city businesses that have been impacted by the pandemic get through what all hope will be its final months.

Nexusplex, publisher of the South Pasadenan News, will provide 8-weeks of cost-free advertising for up to 250 South Pasadena brick & mortar and service businesses. The print and digital ad services include access to ad space in South Pasadenan news media platforms with a guarantee of at least 20,000 impressions per business per month.  While the South Pasadenan media platforms will provide the primary outreach resources, there are several other news and PR platforms outside of South Pasadena to push reach of the advertising to a wider Pasadena-metro area audience.

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The advertising and outreach placements will include internet and digital publishing platforms such as,, multiple FaceBook pages, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and more.

The complete package can be viewed on the nexusplex integrated advertising portal called AdSpace.LA, which is a dedicated Los Angeles area ad-buy and placement system.

It will offer a set of service packages each featuring a range of its various marketing specialties to each business “to develop, execute and support their print, online, social media advertising,” and will provide support for e-commerce development. It will develop content for individual business ads. Businesses seeking support outside the package services will be referred to the Chamber for use of its resource library and marketing consultant. Each client will receive analytics and results of its marketing efforts.

Under its “Eat Shop Enjoy South Pasadena” program, the Chamber will conduct a comprehensive, overall city PR campaign to local and wide audiences.  Local businesses will be highlighted and be included in a focused social media campaign using print and digital newspapers, videos, e-mail outreach and on-line ads. The Chamber says it will also create an on-line “micro-learning” library of marketing resources, up to two dozen instructional videos, and feature local experts to support business owners with social media and other on-line marketing tools. It will incorporate content on individual businesses.

Mayor Mahmud wanted to know if businesses would get graphic assistance from nexusplex or would be required to provide camera ready material.

Nexusplex owner Steven Lawrence said under the several packages he is making available, retailers can select any of several options, including graphic design. “If they need it, we can provide it, but many businesses in South Pasadena are market-savvy and have graphics ready to go.  The solution we’re providing is no-cost, useful advertising outreach and management thanks to the City’s sponsorship.”  The South Pasadenan advertising package value to each business is $1,400 and includes a well rounded mix of ad sets that include printed materials, digital ads, internet placements, published press releases, printed ads in newspapers, store window signs, consulting, and eCommerce assistance.

Nexusplex and the Chamber will each get up to $25,000 by the close of the program allocated from a $12 million unassigned reserve fund. For the Chamber, the money will be in addition to the share of Business Improvement Tax funds it receives annually. The staff report noted during the tough fiscal year ending June 30, business license tax payments have been deferred, leaving the BIT with a negative balance.

Nexusplex originally came to the city with a 12-page multimedia local business marketing proposal in early December. The Chamber argued any extra marketing funds should be directed its way. Council members asked the parties to coordinate on a joint proposal and Council Members Jon Primuth and Jack Donovan were later assigned to oversee creation of the three-party agreement Council approved March 17.

Mayor Mahmud agreed to support the plan after it was affirmed the contractors would provide a progress report to the Council before either receives final payment.

The Chamber and nexusplex “have come up with great ideas (and) they have great energy,” said Primuth, who did most of the drafting of the contract. “These are trusted vendors who do a lot for the community,” he said.

NOTE: Businesses can claim their no-cost, South Pasadena City Sponsored advertising package now by contacting nexusplex on Mission Street: or call (800) 420-9280.  There is no cost to the businesses for the citywide marketing program.