Food & Nutrition Services Department Provides Healthful Meals | SPUSD Snapshot

PHOTO: SPUSD | SPUSD Food & Nutrition offers a variety of choices for students including the new Mediterranean option at the SPHS food bar.

News provided by SPUSD

Every SPUSD department hits the ground running when students return to school, but the SPUSD Food & Nutrition Services Department really ramps it up by serving well-rounded, healthful meals at all five schools. The team serves nearly 3,100 meals daily within the District for a total of 55,783 meals to date and it is only September!

This incredible crew of school lunch heroes provides two meals free of charge, including lunch and the new brunch program, regardless of students’ free and reduced-price meal eligibility thanks to the state’s mandated Universal Meals Program. The meals offered by SPUSD consistently exceed federal nutritional requirements.

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Now is the time for families who may benefit from filling out the meal services application to do so. This program provides more than just meals for students and includes benefits such as after school learning opportunities, internet access, fee waivers for college and AP testing, and more. For additional information and to apply, visit the SPUSD website.